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Region 5 Top 100 for 2020- Uneven Bars

The 2020 USAG JO Invitational season was only shortened by 1 weekend so thanks to mymeetscores.com we have a compiled list of all the top scores from around the country on all four events and the all around. We will be highlighting all of our Region 5 athletes who have made the Top 100 list with event video from the meet it was achieved (thank you to all the coaches who sent me videos to include in this post).

Full Results on mymeetscores.com

Our next top 100 in olympic order is Uneven Bars!

3rd- Jacey Vore, JPAC 9.925 Midwest Challenge

5th- Lia Kmeciak, and Andrea Li

Lia Kmeciak, Phenom Gymnastics 9.9 Kinetic Classic

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Andrea Li, Legacy Elite 9.9 Biles Invite

43rd- Clancy Conley, Legacy Elite 9.825 Biles Invite

66th- Lauren Harkins, Gabby Perea

Lauren Harkins, Twistars 9.8 Circle of Stars

Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite 9.8 Legacy Elite Classic


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