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Podcast: Solid and Sassy- College Salute NCAA Week 8

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Week 8- Green is great and is the BIG Ten Regular Season Champ color, but how did they win we will explain, We might have to have a run off for President ( I am here for either of them), the Region 5 Yurchenko 1 ½  craze continues with one returning this weekend (Yes Olivia she has competed this year) but will that be the last time we see it, we had so many working parts this week and one team is even on the brink of being Dangerous, oh and I think Kim was at CMU doing behind the scenes research from the broadcast

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Show Content

  • Kim’s Weekly Wrap Intro
  • Podcast Intro
  • FAB 5… ish
  • Newbie Debuts
  • D3 Athlete of the Week
  • THE FIVE JIVE- Kim’s Feelings
  • Injury update
  • R5 University Line up for Week 6
  • Region 5 Alum Honda Award Nominees
  • Best Five of the Week


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