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Podcast: Maroon Madness Muah- College Salute Week 11

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Last week of the regular season and we now learn why beam is so challenging, Is a front Full front Full a requirement to be recruited at Penn, It’s late in the season so if you are tired during your Pac just take a seat, SEC is happy its not 2025, Smith might be a common last name but this one is not Mediocre OH 3 weren’t mediocre this week they were perfect well maybe not all of them, and you can get a perfect 9.95 on vault can we have a perfect 9.975 on other events

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Show Content

  • Kim’s Weekly Wrap Intro
  • Podcast Intro
  • FAB 5… ish
  • THE FIVE JIVE- Kim’s Feelings
  • R5 University Line up for Week 11
  • Best Five of the Week


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