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Podcast: College Salute: Alumni Conversation- Fierce, Sassy, Piercing the Soul from Sooner Anastasia Webb

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with the 2022 NCAA All Around Champion and soul piercing performer Oklahoma Senior, now grad student Anastasia Webb. We have a great conversation about her memories in Region 5, her experiences at Oklahoma, the origin of her gymnastics style that is not short of adjectives, the NCAA Championships and more. Anastasia was one of the most underrated gymnasts during her career even though she was one of the best in the NCAA. This athlete was a champion in club, champion in college and on the road to be a champion in life. Listen in and find out more about Anastasia. 

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Show Notes:

  • Highlights on Anastasia’s Career
  • How Region 5 has impacted her college career
  • Top 3 Memories from her club career
  • Decision to go to Oklahoma, talking about her college career
  • Overshadowed by Maggie and Brenna Dowell first three years of your career you were like the Silent Assassin. 
  • Talking about her last NCAA Championships (All Around, V and Floor champion) and how it compared to her other three
  • Beam and Floor Choreography (is there a character or persona that you channel or embody during your routines, you seem to just TURN IT ON after the salute) 
  • Funny,  memorable or embarrassing moments
  • Comparing 10’s in your career- Which stick to you as the routines that you felt were the best you could do. 
  • What’s next? Masters and ??????
  • Fun Off the Wall Question Section- NOT GYMNASTICS RELATED
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