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Making Moves Monday for August 9, 2021

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The prep for another competition season in Region 5 is in underway. As our gymnasts set and work towards their goals for 2022, we will be featuring many of the new skills and combos. Every Monday all summer long and into the fall we will have our Making Move Mondays showcasing the upgraded skills that our gymnasts post on their Instagram channels. 

If you want your upgraded skills to be included in future making your move posts, upload your video to your gymnastics Instagram page or your clubs page (must be public) and tag us @region5gyminsider and #R5MakingMovesMonday.  

Ashlyn Yoder, JPAC (Class of 2023)

Nikki Smith, EuroStars2021 Level 10 National Qualifier, Region 5 All Star

Ana Tanaskoska, EuroStars (Class of 2025)

Alexis Cano, St. Charles (Class of 2023)

Katherine Shackelford, Cincinnati (Class of 2025)

Jocelyn Harbeck, Gym Kinetics (Class of 2022) 2021 Level 10 National Qualifier

Claire Donahue, Bay Valley (Class of 2025)

Ashnaya Gupta, DeVeaus (Class of 2022)

Karalyn Key, Midwest Elite (Class of 2026)

Kendra Henige, Libertyville (Class of 2023)extra post link for Kendra https://www.instagram.com/p/CSPgbypBNWD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Kaity Puplava, GTC Indiana (Class of 2024)

Mecca Chandler, TFZ (Class of 2024)

Peyton Pech, Aspire (Class of 2025)


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