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JO National Newbies: Sydney Hayashi, Buckeye


Name: Sydney Hayashi 

Gym: Buckeye

Age Group: Senior C

Graduation: 2020

Favorite Quote: You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” -C.S. Lewis

Favorite Movie: Now You See Me

Favorite Super Hero: Batman

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Color: Purple


Tell us about your experience competing at level 10 regionals in 2019, compared this experience to past Regionals or Level 9 Regionals if this was your first year of 10. At previous regionals there were always a few of us from our gym, but this year there were a bunch of us as well as other friends from all over the region.  Having been an alternate 2 years ago, I got to meet many new people who I still keep in touch with and will be attending nationals with this year!

What are you most looking forward to about nationals? I am most looking forward to spending time with everybody and being apart of the region 5 family.

How does it feel to represent Region 5 on a national stage?I am so excited to represent region 5 on a national stage as I get to do what I love with amazing friends and coaches!

What is your most memorable moment in gymnastics besides qualifying to JO nationals? My most memorable moment in gymnastics was in level 8 when I made my vault by myself for the first time.  I was at my last meet of the season and I landed my second vault finishing the season off with my first yurchenko to my feet.  I was never the most powerful gymnast so getting my vault was a huge accomplishment that I will never forget.

What is the most powerful piece of advice you have received and how has it specifically impacted your gymnastics? The most powerful piece of advice I have received as a gymnast would have to be to push through the bad days.  Everyone has bad days, that is just a part of life.  However, the only way to get better is to get through them as they will not only lead to better gymnastics but they also help you become a better person.  I have learned how to handle emotions and pain as well as how to not give up.  I also know how to help bring someones spirits back up when they are having a bad day because I too have had them and all it takes is for someone to make you smile and you automatically begin to feel better.

Tell me something interesting about yourself….special talents, hobbies, interesting facts etc. I love working with kids and I am currently a coach for Westerville’s Special Olympics gymnastics program.  I also have a Hawaiian middle name that is long and kind of hard to pronounce.


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