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JO National Newbies: Marisa Aiello (Hunts)


Name: Marisa Aiello 

Gym: Hunts Gymnastics

Age Group: Senior A

Graduation: 2021 (Verbal Commitment to Pitt)

Favorite Quote:You are your only limit”

Favorite Superhero: The Flash

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Spaghetti



Tell us about your experience competing at level 10 regionals in 2019, compared this experience to past Regionals. At Regionals this year I was very confident going into the meet because I had been working hard in the gym and becoming more consistent with my skills. Competing at Regionals was really exciting because the group of Region 5 gymnasts I was with were very supportive and cheering for each other. Although I have competed and trained as a level ten gymnast since I was twelve years old, this year I feel that I was most prepared and had all my skills to get myself to nationals. My biggest challenge throughout the past year has been becoming more confident at competitions. Through previous experiences at Regionals, I have learned that it is not easy to qualify to nationals but if you work hard, have determination to succeed in the gym and believe in yourself, everything will fall into place.

What are you most looking forward to about nationals?  At nationals, I am most looking forward to competing with my region 5 national team. I will be with gymnasts I have already developed friendships with and look forward to developing more friendships.

How does it feel to represent Region 5 on a national stage? To represent Region 5 on a national stage is an honor. It also means being the best I can be with my new team representing the best Region there is.

What is your most memorable moment in gymnastics besides qualifying to JO nationals? One of my most memorable moments in gymnastics was when I caught my tkachev. I can remember as a young gymnast looking up to the older girls and hoping I could do a skill like that one day. When I caught it I felt I had achieved one of the greatest goals I had set for myself.

 What is the most powerful piece of advice you have received and how has it specifically impacted your gymnastics?The most powerful piece of advice I have received is as long as I don’t give up on the challenges gymnastics gives me and I stay true to myself, everything will work out.

 Tell me something interesting about yourself….special talents, hobbies, interesting facts etc. One of my hobbies is taking care of my cats and dogs. I also like to be outside as much as possible and cook with my mom.


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