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Hey Press Play- 2023 Region 5 Championships

Region 5 Championships is always a complete mix of emotions but you can pretty much guarantee you will see some top notch gymnastics.

Trouble is a lot is missed….

Lucky for you we have some of those hey you need to press play routines from our level 10’s. The season may have come to a finish at regionals for these athletes, but their routines can be enjoyed over and over again.

Check out these 10 routines that caught our eye at the 2023 Region 5 Championships.

Jacqueline Shin, Midwest Elite– Front entry vaults are becoming a more popular choice again and Jacqueline’s handspring front is always awesome. The no bent legs entry on her vault makes it special not to mention her air awareness to open up and find the landing.

Olivia Dittmar, Bay Valley– Balance Beam is where Olivia is at her best. Her layout layout is second to none and is more times then not rock solid. Unfortunately, I was filming another routine at the time but better believe I had one eye on this routine.

Sophia Paris, JPAC- There are just those bar routines that always make you wanna watch. For me, Sophia is one of those. A hip injury this past year limited her to bars this season and forced her to remove her beautiful stalder Maloney but the alternative is just as nice. She almost seems as if she floats through the air.

Emma Becker, BIG- Keeping the must watch bars going, this routine is another one that I try and catch every meet. Stalders are one of my favorite skills (as an athlete, coach and gym nerd fan) and Emma has a very nice one not to mention a nice Maloney as well.

Madina Rose French, Flip Zone– If you know Madina’s story you can’t help but root for her. However, her gymnastics gives you a reason to keep coming back for more. Another gymnast with a beautiful layout layout on beam, but this floor routine is full of grit and determination with a mix of that in her personality which shines through here.

Grace Briles, Buckeye- Buckeye Gymnastics has some very strong beam workers and one that gets overlooked many times is Grace. This routine was very solid and it feature a well executed kick over front that lands nice and tall.

Sophia Steffen, Legacy Elite– Keeping with the beam theme and top notch beam routines, this one gets some series height off the beam on her skills. I feel like a broken record when I say this but will continue to… NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE does a front tuck better then Sophia!

Gabrielle Gauger, IK– This athlete might remind you of another IK great… NCAA Gymnastics Aunt herself Olivia Karas. However, Gabrielle is not following in anyones foot steps, she is making her own. She takes the norm to the next level just adding that something you really can’t explain.

Maybe its the beautiful toe on front pike dismount….

Drake White, Flip Zone- This athlete is always fun to watch as her power stands out on all of her events. Drake’s double back middle pass was on point but check out the backward (reverse) double turn. Sometimes it’s the extra that catches your eye the most.

Alexandra Karkowski, IK- IK Gymnastics is home to the Aerial Round off and very good ones at that. One of these is performed by Alexandra, who is a name you probably don’t know, YET! She is a first year level 10 and in typical IK fashion has that stand out skill that makes her different and that would be the front handspring to her knee.


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