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HEY Press Play: 2023 DEV Nationals- Seniors

The seniors from Region 5 accounted for the majority of our success at DEV Nationals in 2023.

All three national age group team titles were won by the seniors. Region 5’s only National AA title and 6 of 7 national event titles were won by our seniors.

We have already featured a few stand out routines on our Instagram from our senior athletes but there were quite a few that haven’t been mentioned that we want to highlight. Many of these athletes competed their last routines for Region 5 and their clubs, and will now take their talents to the NCAA.

Here are 10 routines that you will want to PRESS PLAY and watch from our seniors at the 2023 Level 10 DEV Nationals.

Jenna Olshefski, Universal Beam 9.625

Jenna’s beam has always been a favorite of mine not only because she is so consistent but her skill choices are different then the rest. She has one of those unique flight series that well is truly only hers the gainer layout immediate back handspring. I will be very surprised if this routine isn’t in the Minnesota beam line-up in 2024. This routine finished 4th in Senior E.

Jersey Shannon, Phenom Beam 9.625

Jersey is a very aggressive beam worker who finds a way to come up with the solid landings on all her skills. She rocked this final club routine for a 5th place finish in Senior F. Central Michigan will have some line-up spots to fill on beam in 2024 and Jersey will be ready to fill that need.

Katie Harper, Universal Bars 9.775

Katie always has my vote for a bar routine to watch because of her Gienger (one of my releases on high bar…. so) and dismount. This routine will fit right into the NC State bar line up in 2024 and give the college gym fans another blind 1/1 to double layout to rave over. This routine finished 5th in Senior F.

Cady Duplissis, Champion USA Vault 9.8

Cady might be on the top of the list in Region 5 for the most skills upgraded to her routines in 2023. This Yurchenko 1 1/2 has continued to improve as the year progressed. This wasn’t her best landing but the vault was very well performed. Michigan State is eagerly waiting in the wings for this vault and to be honest all events. Cady will represent Region 5 for one more year. This vault finished 6th in Senior C.

Marisa Fisher, Phenom Bars 9.75

Marisa is one of those gymnasts that hasn’t even come close to reaching her full potential yet. She competed on bars at the 2022 DEV National Wild Card session but qualified for her first Level 10 Nationals in her senior year. I love her bars because she does an actually Shaposh (not a Maloney that everyone calls a Shaposh). Her bar swing is always one you hold your breath while watching as she takes it right to the edge ( ie. grip dowel). Marisa will be headed to Minnesota and I think you will see this routine and her floor in the gopher line-up next season. This routine finished 6th in Senior E.

JO JO Valahovic, Gym World Floor 9.65

JO JO has been on the Level 10 National scene for many years but this was by far her best overall performance. She has one of the best Pac saltos on bars you will see. However her floor is one event that always stands out. With this huge full in and front to double back last pass, JO JO is ready for the NCAA stage. North Carolina though, will have to wait one more year. This routine finished 5th in Senior C.

Lucie Kirchner, JPAC Beam 9.65

Lucie bounced back from her knee injury at the 2022 DEV Nationals like the champ she is. She competes a Yurchenko 1 1/2 on vault but it is beam that she always seems right at home. She has added a Brani (the aerial to two feet) to her routine and always ends with a beautiful double full. Michigan will be looking to fill line-up spots in 2025 and this routine could be the answer. This routine finished 5th in Senior C

Samantha Macasu, Legacy Elite Beam 9.65

If your last name is Macasu, you know your way around the events that begin with the letter B (sister Stephanie competes for Towson)! Sammy is the 2023 DEV National Bars Champ but her beam is also eye catching. Though this routine isn’t flashy, its her super aggressive style that catches the eye and attacks every landing for minimal to no deduction. I am sure San Jose State will be very excited to have her in 2025. This routine finished 5th in Senior C.

Olivia Coppola, Cincinnati Floor 9.65

Olivia has become a very strong all around gymnast. However her floor towers (not because she is tall) over the competition. I watch her routine every time waiting for her 2 1/2 front tuck. All I have to say is that if that pass is taken out of her routine next year at Illinois, I will be making a personal fan call to Natalie. This routine finished 7th in Senior E

Makayla Tucker, DeVeaus Bars 9.775

Another one who makes her height an advantage is Makayla. She won vault at nationals this year with a 9.95 her stuck Yurchenko 1 1/2 and tied for first on floor. Bars, however, is the place that her height makes it that more impressive. I watch her bars trying to figure out how she swings with the ease she does very similar to Gabi Stephens who will be a teammate of hers when Makayla joins the Spartans this fall. This routine finished 5th in Senior F.


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