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2021 GK Classic- Region 5 Senior Recap

Full Results: Seniors

Region 5 Senior Routines

The built up to the second go around of the 2020 “One” Olympics is underway and the players have come to play at the 2021 GK Classic. This classic featured two senior sessions with over 40 senior elites competing in some capacity with goals of tuning up or qualifying for the upcoming USA Championships.

Region 5 has two athletes in the field that fit both scenarios. Shilese Jones from Future Gymnastics, who is a currently member of the USA National Team, is already qualified to championships. Hailey Klein from Flips Gymnastics is only in her third major elite competition (Winter Cup, American Classic) and is looking for that magic number of 52.0 (or possible 2 or 3 score total) all around to compete at USA’s.

Shilese’s group began the competition on floor but she chose not to compete floor at Classics. Hailey Klein began the competition on beam and being one of her best events delivered a solid routine that includes a beautiful aerial layout layout combo for a 12.75.

In the second rotation, Shilese launched a huge Yurchenko double full into the air and once she returned to earth stuck it cold. Her 14.85 was the highest score on given on vault in the first session of seniors. On floor Hailey continued her quest for qualifying with a solid floor routine. She is a strong tumbler with both a double layout and full in pike in her bag of tricks and scored a 12.1.

The uneven bars is one of Shilese best events (actually really doesn’t have a weak event), with her mix of swing and power, makes it a exciting event to watch. She started off the routine strong with her stalder full to Maloney into Tkatchev combo. However despite being on the ceiling on her stalder Ricna, unfortunately took it a bit to far out, landing on the ground earlier in the routine then expected. She finished up with a very nice double front for a 12.95. Hailey performed a very nice Yurchenko 1 1/2 for her best score of the day 13.8.

The final rotation wasn’t what either hoped for but there were positives. Uneven Bars is one of the hardest events to get elite ready coming from Level 10. Hailey has improved leaps and bounds on this event. She had a nice Hindorff (clear-hip tkatchev) and her Shaposh 1/2, which has come a ways in the last few months, was solid, but over rotated her double back. She was unable to achieve her qualifying scores for championships but has gained the experience for more in 2022.

Shilese ended on beam which started off with a big arabian but had to grab the beam to prevent a fall. She floated her aerial layout step out with ease but a large wobble on her two back handsprings to layout two feet took away from what is usually a text book performed skill for her. She finished with a nice back handspring combo to double back for a 12.1.

For Shilese, GK Classic was just another opportunity to tune up before championships. In Hailey’s world, this competition shows that she has what it takes but needs more time.

Next up USA Championships in Fort Worth Texas in 2 weeks.


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