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Episode 6: Motivation- Developing the Culture in the Gym




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In this episode we look at one of the most important aspects of sport performance and participation…. Motivation. We talk about strategies to help set up a culture in your gym to drive and sustain motivation through the training year. There are many different motivational strategies and each athlete is motivated differently. We discuss many different ways to enhance motivation and make the daily grind of training and competition fun. Creating a culture of excellence in your gym and develop a plan for keeping the energy and excitement toward your goals both individual and team helps to keep motivation high. Whitney Snowden former Head Optional Coach at Cincinnati Gymnastics joins us to give her perspective on motivation and what has worked well for her in the past.

Episode #6 Show Notes:

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 Show Breakdown

5:00 – Introduction to Motivation-  “It is Everything”

5:34 – Discovering what motivates your athletes

11:20 – Punishment, Criticism Motivation verse Positive Expectation Motivation (Remove emotion)

15:37 – Discussion  on motivating those who respond best to negative critique/motivation (Tough Love vs other ways)

18:45 – The Why?  Why are we doing what we are doing? Being a Salesman

20:46 – Never want to assume your athletes know WHY

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29:40 -Building motivation with teamwork, connections with your teammates

37:10 – Praising Success No Matter the Size (PROUD)

38:52 – The Compliment Sandwich,  Want the Bread not the MEAT!

 40:36– Creating the Culture of Excellence in the Gym

 43:36 – Tangible goal plan and path for Motivation

47:13–   Using goal setting strategies to help drive motivation (Stair step Goal)

52:00 – Motivation Techniques, Tactics throughout the year

58:41 – Fun motivational ideas

1:00:43 – Injury and Fear Motivation

1:05:27-  Dealing with those who stretch injury time- WHY?

1:08:57- Examples of how deal with fear after injury

1:14:15– Final Thoughts

If your interested in having Whitney in your gym to sub, clinics, camps, etc you can contact her by either messaging her on Facebook or her email: [email protected]

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