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College Salute: Regional Breakdown

4 Regional sites,  4 competitions at each,  a crazy 5 days of competition from Wednesday to Sunday.  What are the R5 Universities Chances of qualifying to nationals, what R5 Alums have qualified as  individuals, what should Region 5 fans be watching. Who do Kim and I feel will be moving onto Regional Finals and NCAA’s? Well after this special podcast episode you are going to know the answers to all those questions.

On this show:

-Kim’s Intro (IT’s Regional Time)

Norman Regional-  UM BALL STATE!!!!!! And the most Alums of all 4

Play in- Ball State  vs NC State (remember 2021)- Wednesday


Session 1- OU, Ohio State, Arkansas, Ball State or NC State

Session 2- Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa,

R5 Alum Individuals and others

Hannah Joyner eye make-up- AA

Jaye Mack (Illinois St)- qualified to NCAA’s last year

LA Regional- Least # of Alums 

Play In- Wednesday

BYU and Boise State


Session 1- UCLA, Missouri, Stanford, BYU or Boise State

Session 2- Utah, Auburn, S. Utah, Washington

R5 Alum Individuals and Adopted R5 Alums

Pittsburgh Regional- Kim will be here

Play in: Thursday

Towson and Penn State


Session 1- Cal, MSU, Western Michigan, West Virginia

Session 2- Florida, ASU, Maryland, PSU or Towson

R5 Alum Individuals and adopted alums

Denver Regional- 

Play in-  Thursday  

North Carolina and Arizona


Session 1: LSU, Oregon State, Georgia, Nebraska

Session 2: Michigan, Denver, Minnesota, North Carolina or Arizona

R5 Alum Individuals and adopted athletes


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