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College Salute Episode #3 | SEC Nail Biters, Unbreakable Bonds


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Episode 3 of our College Salute breaks down the triple header in the SEC which featured two nail biter down to the last routine finales. We also got some background stories on a few of our alums during the broadcasts including a unbreakable bond between a Gator and a Tiger. Lots of of talk on our Region 5 alums in week 3 and our Alum Athlete of the Week conversation with Illini junior Karen Howell.

2:06-  Salute the Heights
* Arkansas vs Kentucky
– Story on Sydney McGlone Elbow Injury (Arkansas) (3:37)
* Alabama vs Georgia
* Florida vs LSU
– Story on Amelia Hundley and Lexi Priessman (28:50)

37:05- Alums around the country
* Iowa vs Minnesota (37:13)
* Michigan vs Michigan State (41:07)
* North Carolina vs Ball State vs Oklahoma (46:22)
* NIU, EMU and WMU (57:21)
* Illinois vs Maryland (1:05:28)

1:13:07- Alumni Athlete of the Week Conversation- Karen Howell

1:20:00- Alumni All Around Salute

1:24:48- Lovely Leos of the Week

1:27:30- D 2/3 Alumni Spotlight- Sierra Beaver (UW-Stout)

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