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College Salute Episode #10 | UIC wins again, OU BIG in Ann Arbor, Preview of Level 10 State


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Week 10 in the NCAA had somewhat of an upset at the Illinois Classic with UIC taking the trophy, Oklahoma wins as Michigan’s seniors had their senior night in Ann Arbor, Region 5 alums on stage with the last Elevate the stage of 2019 and preview all the action we will have from Level 9 and 10 states around our region this weekend.

4:51 Illinois Classic ( UIC, Illinois, NIU, ISU)

Full Out Recruiting

31:45 Michigan vs Oklahoma

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59:44- Elevate the State (Georgia, Michigan State, Minnesota, Arkansas)

1:24:22 Alumni All Around

Jenna Swartzentruber, Ohio State

Amelia Mohler, Western Michigan

Rihanna Ali, Rutgers

Shea Mahoney, Alabama

Leah Clapper, Florida

Gym Treasures 

1:27:38- Lovely Leos of the Week

1:31:40- Preview of Region 5 Level 9 and 10 State Meets

* Michigan State Preview 1:32:28

* Illinois State Preview 1:37:55

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