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Coaches Wired: Cassie Whitcomb Sheets, Cincinnati | That’s What You are Capable Of


Final episode of the Coaches Wired of the season features long time Region 5er Cassie (Whitcomb) Sheets. This one was saved for last for several but this was the final time Cassie would coach in Region 5 as she moved to Colorado…. Well at least for now! This is a great example of the coach athlete connection. Cassie and her athlete Olivia Coppola are on the same page from start to finish. Cassie does a great job of giving ownership to Olivia and figuring out what she needs to fix or what went well. The cues and technical corrections are short and specific but Olivia is dialed in and ready to attack this floor routine. Check out Cassie and Olivia as they take command of the floor.


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