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ALUMonday- 2023 WIAC Championships Edition

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This weeks ALUMonday (on Thursday) features 9 routines from our Division 3 Region 5 Alums at the WIAC Championships. Three of our alums won conference titles and all these ladies are headed to the upcoming D3 Nationals.

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**video quality lost a bit in the transfer process**

Kara Welsh, White Water 2023 WIAC Vault Champion 9.825

Delaney Cienkus, Osh Kosh 2023 WIAC Beam Champion 9.825

Kelsey Kollhoff, White Water 2023 WIAC Floor Champion 9.85

Kennedy O’Connor, Winona State Vault 9.75

Faith Mylin, White Water Floor 9.75

Aleah Radojevich, Osh Kosh Floor 9.6 (click on photo)

Mia Lucero, Osh Kosh Vault 9.725

Maddie Bellmore, Osh Kosh Vault 9.7

Delaney Cienkus, Osh Kosh Floor 9.75


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