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2020 Region 5 Yahtzee Awards (Part III)

This is it, Part III, the final voting part for the 2020 Yahtzee Awards!! We will be announcing the winners live Saturday September 5th on our Social Media accounts!

Click the links if you missed voting for Part I & Part II of the 2020 Region 5 Yahtzee Awards. 

Voting for all Parts closes Friday September 4th at 11:59pm EST. 

Now onto our final nominees! 


Best Performance


Best Stick 


Team Spirit

Champion USA (Michigan)

Aspire (Illinois)

Universal (Ohio)

DeVeau’s (Indiana)

Champion & Legacy (KY)


Favorite Invitational


Coaching Moment

John and Jill Kovnesky stepping to coach Oakland’s athletes at the California Grand meet in January, 2020 after tragedy. 

Michigan Elite opening their doors & arms to Oakland Gymnasts

Indiana and Ohio gyms opening their doors for Michigan athletes to train during the (MI) lockdown. 


The Awesome Male Coaches who participated in our Pose Tik Tok Vid (you can watch the full video on our Instagram Page)






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