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2018 Region 5 Top 10 Favorite Leotards (Honorable Mentions)

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order)

When it came to putting together the honorable mentions list, I asked some of my colleagues and my own athletes for their input on what leos they liked that didn’t happen to make the 1-10 list. Many of the honorable mentions are leotards that friends, colleagues and my athletes put on their own lists. The Honorable Mentions are in no particular, but I will be giving descriptions for each leo.


Aspire (Ill)
I first saw Aspires leo via social media and I was so extremely excited to see that they finally got a new leotard! Aspire made our list in 2015, it is great to see them back in the mix here in 2018. What I like about this leo is the small incorporation of green in the jeweling on the leo. I did not realize until I got up close that the jewels were indeed green which made it stand out a bit more. There were a few other gyms that had this same leo, but in different colors, but I really thought the black and white was classic.

Legacy (KY)
The girls from Legacy Kentucky definitely stand out in this new leo. There are not usually very many athletes competing at Level 10 from the state of Kentucky, so its nice for them to stand out with an eye catching leotard and this leotard is definitely eye catching.

Branch (MI)
There is something about this leo that I just absolutely love, I wish I could of put this on the 6-10 list because I just really like the combination of colors and the pattern. I cannot honestly tell you why I like it, I just like it. It also looks very lovely on Emily & AG maybe because they are tall it really works well for them.



Michigan Academy (MI)
My favorite feature of the MAG leo is the key hole back! I absolutely love leos with the key hole backs, they remind me of the leos I had as a young gymnast. The mesh with the jewels makes this leo look very classy, with the jewels on the front not being over powering to take away from the elegance of the arms. This leo reminds me of a fancy dress with a small shoulder coverup.

Phenom (Ill)
Phenoms leo was definitely a favorite of my athletes, many of them put these leos on their top 10 list. The kids really loved the pink and the sparkles. Phenom is no stranger to our list making it a few years ago. What I like about this leo is how bold the pink is and that the white mesh arms are minimal, but are definitely a focal point of the leotard.


***Disclaimer…to be eligible for the Region 5 Insider Top 10 Favorite Leotard list, your Gym must have at least 1 athlete competing at the Region 5 Championships.***


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