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2016 Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards (Part 1)


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The absolute best part of Region 5 Championships, other than watching some awesome gymnastics and seeing what kind of great new swag the Dream Team gets, is looking at all the leotards and constructing the Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards List! This year was probably the hardest year so far to decide who would make the list. There were so many teams that had great Leotards! I also really loved everyones IMG_8834enthusiasm and excitement about the list. When I came to take pictures the girls and coaches were so excited and full of joy it was so awesome to see. I love that people WANT to make the list and get so excited at the prospect of being considered.

****To be eligible for the Top 10 Leos list, your gym MUST have a Level 10 competing in one of the Level 10 Sessions at Region 5 Championships.****

So without further ado, I present to you My Top 10 Favorite Region 5 Leotards Part 1     (10-6).

(*#indicates yrs on list)

10. JPAC (*2Yr)  & CGA (*3Yr)


What I love about the JPAC and CGA leos are the simplicity and the bold colors. These two gyms always have great leos and this year was no exception. I also love the jewel detailing on both.

9. Olympic Dreams (*2Yr)


Olympic Dreams has such a bold stand out leo, this Ozone leo attracts attention immediately. I love the bright color splatter on the purple, this leo is one that looks great on everyone on the team.  I especially love Keely’s bright color matching bow.

8.  Phenom (*2Yr) &  Naperville (*1Yr)  & Gym America (*1Yr)

leo8 leo8a leo8b leo8c

The number 8 spot is held by 3 gyms because I literally could not decide which pastel colored leotard I liked the most! All three of these leos are standouts on the competition floor, they are so different than any other leos out their with their bold pastel colors and their white or ombre accented arms. When any of these 3 leos hit the floor you immediately notice them.

7. MAG (Jason’s #1 Pick) & Splitz (*both 1st yr)

leo7 leo7a

What I love most about these two leos is the elegance of them. MAG’s is eye catching the all purple with the hint of  white on the bottle of the sleeves really takes it to the next level, all the jeweling really attracts attention and makes the dark purple really pop. MAG’s leo is also Jason’s number 1 pick!  

Splitz leo reminds me of something Svetlana Khorkina would wear during the Olympic All-Around Final (she always wore black). Splitz leo is so classic and elegant, like a great little black dress with tasteful jeweling and on some you can see red under the mesh which adds a great eye catching effect on the competition floor.

6. Twistars USA


This year Twistars leo really jumps out at me, I love that they went back to their more original teal/blue color, that is signature Twistars for me. Twistars is a team of elegance, style and polish, their leotards should stand out just like their gymnastics and this leo certainly does just that.  My favorite part of the leo is the design on the back, it reminds me of a great oscars dress classic and modest in the front and the back is the bold, flashy attention getter. Twistars really nailed it on the head with this leotard this year! It represents them so well!

I hope everyone enjoyed Part 1 (10-6) of the 2016 Top 10 Leos List! Stay tuned to find out who made our top 5 and which Region 5 Leo holds the spot of Favorite Region 5 Leo!




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