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Top 20 of the 2022 UGA Invite

The 2022 competition season for Level 10’s in Region 5 is well underway and though you can tell that it’s the beginning of the season, there have been some big routines and scores already posted. The United Gymnastics Academy hosted their annual UGA Invite last weekend and there were some standout routines that need to be highlighted. Here are the top 5 Region 5 routines on each event from the UGA Invite. 

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  • Nikki Smith, EuroStars- Huge Yurchenko 1 1/2 for a (9.85)
  • Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite- New Yurchenko 1 1/2 on vault for 2022 (Competed Yurchenko Doubles in the past) 9.725 video
  • Peyton Pech, Aspire- Very Nice Yurchenko full with a great landing 9.7 video
  • 3 tie with a 9.675
    • Sammy Macasu, Legacy Elite video
    • Railey Jackson, GymNasti video
    • Aubree Guinee, Legacy Elite video


Nikki Smith, Eurostars- New release combo for 2022 for a 9.8

  • Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati- Nice bar to bar combos and love the fight for the handstands 9.675 video
    • 2 tie with a 9.65
      • Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite video
      • Mila Brusch, Cincinnati video
    • Railey Jackson, Gymnasti 9.6- video 


    Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite- Elite level routine with one of the best standing fulls in the business! 9.95

    • Nikki Smith, Eurostars- 9.925 video  
    • Jazlynn Chism, Midwest Elite- awesome BHS 1 arm BHS layout stepout (one of very few who do this combo) 9.675 video
    • 2 tie with 9.625
      • Lilly Lippeatt,Cincinnati  video
      • Railey Jackson, GymNasti  video


    Nikki Smith, Eurostars- beautiful full in first pass 9.875

    • 2 Tie with 9.825
      • Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite- Awesome double layout 9.825 video              
      • Olivia Coppola, Cincinnati- Must watch routine beautiful 2 1/2 front tuck 9.825 video
    • Ava Molina, Cincinnati 9.775 video
    • Amy Wozniak, Legacy Elite- nice full in 1st pass (always strong on floor) 9.75 video


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