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“The Best on Each Event” 2017 Region 5 Event Champions


The goal for most if not all of the  level 10 competitors in our region is to qualify onto the Region 5 Dream Team and compete at JO Nationals. However winning an individual event title at regionals is also a huge accomplishment given that it most cases you are competing against some of the best athletes in the country let alone your age group. Here is a list of the regional event champions for all twelve age groups from the 2017 Region 5 Championships sponsored by:



Junior A
VAULT: Madelyn Belmore, Twistars 9.575
Bars: Reese Samuelson, Rockford 9.275
Beam: Elizabeth Gartner, JPAC 9.475
Floor: Madelyn Belmore, Twistars 9.5
[one-third]Junior B
Vault: Cesario,Legacy Elite & King AGA 9.65
Bars: Ella Cesario, Legacy Elite 9.625
Beam: Madison Snook, Legacy Elite 9.6
Floor: Ella Cesario, Legacy Elite 9.6
[one-third]Junior C
Vault: Cassidy O’Neill, Cincinnati 9.575
Bars: Alyssa Al-Ashari, Twistars 9.65
Beam: Alyssa Al-Ashari, Twistars 9.65
Floor: Alyssa Al-Ashari, Twistars 9.675
[one-third-first]Junior D
Vault: Emma Pritchard, Gym X-Treme 9.65
Bars: Delanie Harkness, Twistars 9.7
Beam: Dani Petrousek, Rockford 9.45
Floor: Delanie Harkness, Twistars 9.55
[one-third]Junior E
Vault:Henderson, Gym Corner 9.875
Bars: Andrea Li, Legacy Elite 9.7
Beam: Andrea Li, Legacy Elite 9.775
Floor: Andrea Li, Legacy Elite 9.725
[one-third]Junior F
Vault: Gabby Wilson, Olympia 9.825
Bars: Isabel Redmond, Olympia 9.675
Beam: Redmond & Waligora, Olympia 9.625
Floor: Maitlyn Waligora, Olympia 9.75


[one-third-first]Senior A
Vault: Kari Rivers, Twistars 9.85
Bars: Kai Rivers, Twistars 9.70
Beam: Payton Richards, Aerial 9.60
Floor: Kai Rivers, Twistars 9.725
[one-third]Senior B
Vault: Makarri Doggette, Buckeye 9.8
Bars: Perez, Legacy Elite & Griffith, Naperville 9.375
Beam: Anna Kaziska, Champion KY 9.575
Floor: Makarri Doggette, Buckeye 9.70
[one-third]Senior C
Vault: Colby Miller, Perfection 9.625
Bars: Colby Miller, Perfection 9.60
Beam: Miller & Sarah Hargrove, Cincinnati 9.50
Floor: Colby Miller, Perfection 9.625
[one-third-first]Senior D
Vault: Jenna Swartzentruber, Buckeye 9.625
Bars: Jenna Swartzentruber, Buckeye 9.575
Beam: Wesley Stevenson, Legacy Elite 9.525
Floor: Jenna Swartzentruber, Buckeye 9.55
[one-third]Senior E
Vault: Anastasia Webb, IGI 9.775
Bars: Anastasia Webb, IGI 9.70
Beam: Mckenna Linnen, Gym America 9.525
Floor: Anastasia Webb, IGI 9.65
[one-third]Senior F
Vault: Nia Dennis, Legacy Elite 9.725
Bars: Nia Dennis, Legacy Elite 9.575
Beam: Nia Dennis, Legacy Elite 9.575
Floor: Nia Dennis, Legacy Elite 9.70


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