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R5 Rewind: 2021 Level 9 Eastern Championships


The 2021 Level 9 Eastern Championships were held in Atlanta, Georgia May 7-9. Region 5 won 6 of 16 age groups (3 junior and 3 senior) on the way to winning the overall Super Team Trophy as the top region on the east side of the country (this side of the Mississippi River). Our region also won 5 Eastern All Around titles over the entire weekend (3 junior and 2 senior). Check out our breakdown of the competition with results, photos and videos for all 16 age groups. 

Juniors (1-8)
– Full Results:  Juniors 
– Full Age Group Team Results
– Team Champions- Jr4, Jr7, Jr8
– Video Playlist Juniors

All Around Champions: Avery Moll, DMGC (Jr3); Julia Rausa, Libertyville (Jr4); Erin Wilbanks, Michigan Elite (Jr8) 

Event Champions: Catherine Guy, Capital City (Jr1 Floor 9.75); Avery Moll, DMGC (Jr3 Vault 9.75); Julia Rausa, Libertyville (Jr4 Bars 9.5); Brooke Boggess, Queen City (Jr5 Bars 9.725); Isabel Bros, Queen City (Jr6 Bars 9.7); Jasmine Hou, Legacy Elite (Jr6 Beam 9.7); Noella Marshall, All American Flames (Jr6 Floor 9.725); Isabelle Hamilton, Michigan Elite (Jr7 Beam 9.5); Harmony Haro, Cincinnati (Jr7 Vault 9.725); Erin Wilbanks, Michigan Elite (Jr8 Bars 9.55); Mecca Chandler, TFZ (Jr8 Vault 9.75)

Seniors (1-8)
– Full Results: Seniors 
– Full Age Group Team Results
– Team Champions- Sr1, Sr2, Sr4
– Video Playlist Seniors

All Around Champions: Kali Freeman, B&B (Sr2); Allison Beckwith, JPAC (Sr4) 

National Event Champions: Kali Freeman, B&B (Sr2 Vault 9.7); Keeley Kohler, Michigan Elite (Sr2 Bars 9.6, Beam 9.65); Allison Beckwith, JPAC (Sr4 Bars 9.625); Addison Moore, JPAC (Sr5 Bars 9.625); Grace Suchecki, JPAC (Sr4 Floor 9.7); Naomi Brattinga, GTC-MI (Sr6 Vault 9.625); Riece Crooks, Cincinnati (Sr6 Floor 9.7); Tea Madjenovic, GymKhana (Sr7 Vault 9.75)


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