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Podcast Episode 4: The Full Out of College Recruiting



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On this episode we are talking everything you need to know about college recruiting. How to start? What’s important during the process? What do you say to coaches? and how to approach it all. The ladies from Full out Recruiting join us to break it all down.

Episode #4 Show Notes:

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 Show Breakdown

4:10 – Introduction to the ladies of Full Out Recruiting

6:31 – How did Full Out Recruiting start

8:20 – Houry’s experience in the college recruiting process and why she choice Iowa

11:47 – Understanding the process from as early as 8th grade (or sooner)

14:15 – Getting on campus, tours and see campus early in the process (rules on unofficial and official visits)

17:34 – College summer camps or high performance camp discussion

21:33 – Talk about the 3 divisions in NCAA athletic (DI, DII, DIII)

31:02 -Tips on the recruiting process at the beginning stage

34:35 – Resources to do your school research

38:17 – Communication by email and phone. Tips to make this effective (Mock Interviews)

 42:28 – Social Media, video communication and updates… the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

 52:40 – Guiding skill selection and grabbing the coaches eye

56:12– Guiding Parents during the process

59:23 – Late start to recruiting…. advice for those juniors and seniors who are just getting started

1:03:04 – How can Full Out Recruiting help with the recruiting process

Twitter- @fulloutrecruit   Instagram- @fulloutrecruit

1:06:00 – Top 3 Most Important in the Recruiting Process (ok maybe Top 4)



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