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Episode #8: Let It GO! Compete Free! Mental Toughness Training



Is your head preventing you from achieving your goals in competition? In this episode we are talking everything you need to be Mental Tough. Most performance problems that gymnast or athletes in general struggle with are not a result of poor conditioning, inadequate coaching or a lack of physical skills or technical ability. Yes sometime these do play a role in a not so good competition performance. However letting nerves get the best of you, poor concentration, lack of confidence or pure negative thinking before and during a competition or routine is usually the contributor to poor performance. How much time are you putting into making your mind as strong as your body. Mental toughness is the key to success and as with skills in gymnastics you need to develop the skills to create a tough mind. Joining us today is the owner of Head Games, creating an unshakable mind through mental toughness training,  Dr. Alison Arnold, Doc Ali as she is known, gives us some great tools to use to get yourself mentally tough.

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Episode #8 Show Notes:

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 Show Breakdown

5:10 – Introduction to Mental Toughness

8:14 – Technique #1: Mental Choreography/ Cue Words  (Building Your Mental Muscle)

34:16 – Technique #2: Creating the Competition Bubble (Fack it to you Make it)

38:13 – Technique #3: Dealing With Adversity
4 Steps to Flip IT

55:16- Technique #4: Compete Free (LET IT GO!)

Struggling with mental toughness in competition? Would like to find out more about Head Games Web Camp or any of their mental toughness tools? Check them out at www.headgamesworld.com  Try the Head Games Web Camp for 2 weeks free just click the link to head over to the head games website. Want to win a free month of Head Games Web Camp listen to our podcast and upload your video to your social media and tag us to enter the contest.

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