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Episode #5: Periodization- Mind Map to Successful Planning and Peaking




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In this episode we break down the art of Periodization in order to prepare a season plan to peak at the right moments of the season. This can be a very scientific process but as we discuss on this show, you can make it a much simpler process that still addresses your needs for all aspects of the gymnasts training during the year. Enrique Trabanino owner of Perfection Gymnastics joins us to give his years of knowledge and success with this type of planning and preparation.

Episode #5 Show Notes:

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 Show Breakdown

5:11 – Introduction to Periodization: What is it? Why should you use it?

6:03 – How Enrique uses Periodization in his program

8:38 – Jason’s Periodization at Champion

10:56 – Breaking down the cycles of Periodization- How to do you begin? Start with the end in mind

15:05 – Making sure the athlete is part of the plan- how do you communicate the plan

19:26 – Considerations to think about during the planning (overload, overtraining etc)

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25:19 -Breaking down the different phases of the the cycles (ie. development/prep phase)

27:08 – Enrique talks about his views on max strength and compares to other sports

33:33 – Converting training to competition prep training (can always have base routine)

 42:08– Using Plyometrics in your Periodization plan

 47:06 – What to do mid competition season- examples

51:34– How to prepare yourself mentally for the peak time of the periodization

1:01:07 – Recovery Phase – Important aspect, What do we do during this phase

1:05:27 – Age concerns you may need to think about

1:15:37 – Final Thoughts- most important aspects to consider

1:19: 07- Check out our coverage page from the 2018 High Performance and High Tech Camp presented by Tumbl Trak and Full Out Recruit. More content from camp coming at you soon.



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