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ALUMonday for 2024 NCAA Week 7

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We are half way done with the regular season for 2024. Looking back on Week 7, we showcase all four events this week. We have another debut beam routine this week along with a couple alums making their first appearance on ALUMonday this season.

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Angel Stuart, Utah State Floor 9.85

Alyssa Al-Ashari, NIU Beam 9.85

Ella Chemotti, EMU Beam 9.925

Jacey Vore, Michigan Floor 9.9

Katie Harper, NC State Beam 9.85

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Hannah Scheible, Oklahoma Vault 9.875

Amy Wozniak, UNC Floor 9.825

Jacquelyn Patterson, EMU Beam 9.825

Taylor DeVries, Oregon State Bars 9.875

Olivia Lynd, NIU Beam 9.825


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