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2020 NCAA Lovely Leos (Division I)

Last weekend was suppose to be the weekend that every college gym fan waits for, pines over and celebrates. Last weekend the top 8 schools of the NCAA were to meet in Texas to tumble, swing and vault it out for the 2020 NCAA National Championship Title. Instead we were all at home rewatching previous National Championships and counting down the days until 2021. One of my most favorite aspects of Championships weekend is seeing all the new leos the teams would be wearing. Most save their newest, brightest and most bold leos for this Championships moment, however last weekend we did not get see any of those new leos instead we will have to wait until next season to drool over the sparkle an shine of the NCAA National Championships Lovely Leos. 

We may not get to break down this years 2020 NCAA Championship leos, but we can still close the NCAA Season with our Lovely Leos Final! I have tirelessly searched the internet for each schools Loveliest Leos in the NCAA! 

Check out our gallery below to see our pick from every school around the national. The season may be done but the leos will live forever!









**All Photos provided courtesy of University Athletics, Athlete Social Media & Team Social Media** Thank You to all who shared these fantastic photos with us. 


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