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20 Questions with Future OSU Buckeye Jenna Swartzentruber

O-H-I-O!!! Even though she was born in Pennsylvania Jenna Swartzentruber is a true Ohio girl. Jenna will join CGA’s Brooke Chesney at THE Ohio State University in the fall on a full ride scholarship. This is Jenna’s last season as a JO athlete and a member of her longtime gymnastics club Buckeye in Columbus, Ohio. As Jenna is preparing for the end of her season, its time to look back on all that she has accomplished on her journey to collegiate gymnastics. Jenna has experienced so much in the sport of gymnastics from Elite to Nastia Cup to becoming a National Champion. As Jenna prepares to say her  goodbyes to Buckeye and Region 5, let’s get to know Jenna a little bit better as she embarks on her final few meets and a final run at JO Nationals.

How did you get into Gymnastics? How old were you? All three of my siblings were in recreational gymnastics, so naturally, at the age of 2, my mom signed me up as well.

What is your favorite event? My favorite event is definitely Bars!

What is your favorite part of gymnastics? The feeling of accomplishment after conquering a hard day in the gym.

If not already committed to college, what college do you want to attend? I have recently signed my NLI to The Ohio State University! Go Bucks!!

What is your favorite meet to compete at? I absolutely love competing at our home meet, the Buckeye Classic. It’s amazing having all my family and teammates there cheering us on and it creates a really fun atmosphere!

Biggest accomplishment in gymnastics so far? I would have to say qualifying for the Nastia Cup for the second time and placing first on bars at JO Nationals all in the same year.

Favorite skill to train and/or compete? My favorite skill to train would be double lay-out full-twist off bars.

Dream Skill? Double full on vault.

Who do you most admire in the sport of gymnastics? I really admire Ashton Locklear and her flawless bars.

What is your all time favorite leotard? I would have to say that the 2016 Nastia Cup leotard is at the top of my list! *Insert heart eye emoji*

Do you still have your very first leo? Sadly, no I do not. However, I do still have my first competition leotard!

What were the first Olympic Games you remember watching? The 2008 Beijing Olympics with Shawn and Nastia.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m not 100% sure but definitely something in the medical field.

Where do you go to High School? Right now, I am doing dual credit enrollment. So, I am enrolled in Ohio Connections Academy but I attend all my classes at Columbus State Community College.

What is your favorite color? I don’t have just one- pink, purple, blue, and green J

What do you like to do outside of gymnastics? Hang out with friends, go swimming in the summer and sledding in the winter!

If you weren’t a gymnast what sport do you think you would try? Rock climbing!! I am kind of obsessed as is J

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live? Somewhere cold because the sun doesn’t like me!

If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?My best friend Maddie because she moved away a few years ago.

Tell me something interesting about yourself….. I have been indoor skydiving and I hope to do the real thing one day!



Check out Jenna’s 2016 JO National Championship bars set


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