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Region 5 Top 100 for 2020- Vault

The season ending so abruptly at the beginning of March, meant there would be no championship season… no national champions crowned… no official ending to the 2020 competition season. We won’t have the thrill of the eight regions of USA Gymnastics battling it out for age group team champions or the suspense of who will win the JO National Super Region Trophy, Region 5 Still the Champs!

The 2020 USAG JO Invitational season however was only shortened by 1 weekend so thanks to mymeetscores.com we have a compiled list of all the top scores from around the country on all four events and the all around. We will be highlighting all of our Region 5 athletes who have made the Top 100 list with event video from the meet it was achieved (thank you to all the coaches who sent me videos to include in this post).

Full Results on mymeetscores.com

We will go in olympic order beginning with Vault!

15th – Mila Brusch, Jacey Vore

Mila Brusch, Cincinnati Gymnastics 9.9- Circle of Stars

Jacey Vore, JPAC 9.9- Circle of Stars

42nd Sidney Washington, Nikki Smith, Gabi Stephen, Halle Faulkner, Paige Kirkham, Abby Singh,

Sidney Washington, Gym America 9.85- Tampa Bay

Nikki Smith, Euro Stars 9.85- Nashville Nights (this video is from Biles Invite which is ranked 70th 9.825)

Gabi Stephen, MEGA 9.85- Circle of Stars

Halle Faulkner, Gym America 9.85- Tampa Bay

Paige Kirkham, Rockford 9.85- Dragon

Abby Singh, Phenom 9.85- Flipr

70th Ella Cesario, Andrea Li, Skyla Schulte, Cassie St. Clair,

Ella Cesario, Legacy Elite 9.825- R5 Insider Classic

Andrea Li, Legacy Elite 9.825- R5 Insider Classic

Skyla Schulte, Phenom 9.825- Flipr Invite

Cassie St Clair, Aspire 9.825- UGA Invite

99th Laci Keck, Emma Pritchard

Laci Keck, JPAC 9.8- Circle of Stars

Emma Pritchard, Gym Xtreme 9.8- Ozone


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