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R5 Insider Podcast #2: Nationals Breakdown, History is Matched



Nationals Breakdown, History is Matched, New Skill in the Code

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On this episode we breakdown the 2018 Level 9 Eastern and JO National Championships. How Region 5 did and some behind the scenes action that you might now have seen. There was a history matching performance of dominance at this years JO Nationals for one of our region 5 athletes and one athlete will have their name in the code of points. We talk about all that, the 2018 Region 5 All Star Team is announced and more.


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Episode #2 Show Notes:

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2:06 – Recap 2018 Level 9 Eastern Championships

3:06 – Claudia from GymAmerica provides media from Easterns!

3:30 – Amount of Region V All-Around Champions spread out from different gyms. Some favorite and some breakouts. 7 Region V All Around Champions

4:01 – Ava Molina – CGA – JR 5 All-Around Champion

4:20 – Laci Keck  – Gymnastics Unlimited – JR 6 All Around Champion

5:07 – Maleah Crowley – Legacy Elite – J7 All Around Champion

5:27 – Jenna Olshefski –  UGI – JR4 All Around Champion

5:50 -Lane Rodocker –  Stars & Stripes –  SR 3 All Around Champion

6:11 – Legacy Elite SR 5 All Around Champion

6:26 – MAG – SR 7 All Around Champion

 7:10 – Rachel Rybacki – Olympia Bars & Beam Champion

 7:45 – Level 9 Easterns New Code Skill

Briar Burden – Waters Edge – New Dismount video

 10:50 – Infinity Gymnastics closes between Regionals and Easterns but Maddie Rydel still trained and competed thanks to her amazing coaches and parents!

 15:02 – 2018 JO National Championships Recap – Exciting, Emotionally and physically draining

15:22 – Coaching a Senior at JO’s – Anna Kaziska – SR E

Wrong Music, 1st up on Floor at Nationals and Floor

17:30 – Region V Success – winning 5 age groups. 4 National All-Around Champions. Region V places 3rd?

 18:10 – JR A Recap – Taylor’s Toughness – Broken Nose

Sydney Jelen – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Katie Harper – Universal Gymnasts Inc.

Kendall Abney – Twistars USA Inc.

Elizabeth Gantner – Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center

Taylor DeVries – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Kaia Tanskanen – Michigan Elite Gymnastics Academy

Rhyley Pitts – World Class Gymnastics Center

23:08 SR A Recap

Brooke Conley – Gym Nasti hurts ankle in training and warm-ups up floor and pulls out right before march out Alyssa Parlich alternate gets put in last minute!

Emma Pritchard – Gym X-Treme

Dani Petrousek – Gymnastic Academy of Rockford

Olivia Rapp – Universal Gymnasts Inc.

Kendall George – Buckeye Gymnastics

Delanie Harkness – Twistars USA Inc.

Anna Grace McCullough – Branch Gymnastics

25:07 – Haylee Bryant Vault- video

26:00 – Carly Bowman Bars- video

27:20 – Quotes from SR A!

28:20  JR B Recap –  Alayna Karl pulls out Nicki Smith Oakland steps up!

Alayna Karl – Naperville Gymnastics Club

Sarah Moraw – Champion Gymnastics USA

Sage Kellerman – All American Flames Gymnastix

Reese Samuelson – Gymnastic Academy of Rockford

Paige Thaxton – Michigan Academy of Gymnastics

Lily Clapper – Gym America

Mila Brusch – Cincinnati Gymnastics

29:14 – Reese Samuelson – Nails bar routine – Coaches Wired – Melinda – All American Flames

30:15 SR B Recap – Andi Li – Flashbacks on Bars – First Team Win of weekend

Andrea Li – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Sierra Brooks – Aspire Gymnastics Academy

JerQuavia Henderson – Gym Corner

Aria Brusch – Cincinnati Gymnastics

Hannah DeMers – Splitz Gymnastics

Kiara Gianfagna – Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center

Suki Pfister – SET-10 Gymnastics

33:15 – Hannah DeMers – Last event on Bars

35:00 – JR C Recap

Faith Torrez – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Gabriella Pierce – Naperville Gymnastics Club

Savannah Miller – Oakland Gymnastics Training Center

Madeline Kees – Energym Gymnastics

Olivia Bowsman – BIG Gymnastics Inc.

Emma Stoddard – Oakland Gymnastics Training Center

Avery Agema – Naperville Gymnastics Club

35:37 – Faith Torrez All Around Champion

 37:42 – Faith Torrez Vault Discussion – Scoring

 39:50 – SR C Recap – Gabby Wilson – All Around Champion

Matilyn Waligora – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Payton Murphy – Palmer’s Gymnastics Inc.

Gabryel Wilson – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Olivia Amodei – Hunts Gymnastics Academy

Helen Hu – IK Gymnastics

Abigail Gaies – Michigan Academy of Gymnastics

Madeline Diab – Premier Gymnastics Academy

 40:20 – Helen Hu – Best Bar routine of weekend – Post Routine

42:05 – Gabby Wilson Feedback from Beam – Smile when nervous!

45:10 – Helen Hu unveils new vault

48:47 – JR D Recap – Lots of Energy and lead off on a 7 for 7 hit on beam. Won Team Title

Skyla Schulte – Phenom Gymnastics

Tory Vetter – Universal Gymnasts Inc.

Ella Cesario – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Jacey Vore – Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center

Katya Sander – Perfection Gymnastics School

Elaina McGovern – Legacy Gymnastics

52:30 – Elaine McGovern rocks her first JO Nationals

 53:30 – SR D Recap – SEC Age group! Team Champions!

Leah Clapper – Gym America

Payton Richards – Aerial Gymnastics Club

Makarri Doggette – Buckeye Gymnastics

Rachel DeCavitch – Gymnastics World Inc.

Lauren Beckwith – Buckeye Gymnastics

Kai Rivers – Twistars USA Inc.

Jori Jackard – Twistars USA Inc.

 56:00 – Top 3 Finishers for Region V – Payton Richards, Kai Rivers & Makarri Doggette

57:20 – Makarri Doggette – Sweeps everything for 2nd time at JO Nationals (2009 was the first)

59:30 – Natalie Hamp Twistars – Alternate Shout Out – Helped out Region V Insider

1:00:20 – JR E Recap – Stacked Team – Team Champions!

Erika Penamante – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

Makenzie Sedlacek – IGI Gymnastics

Haley Tyson – Phenom Gymnastics

Amelia Knotts – Gymnastic Training Center Rochester

Ella Chemotti – Euro Stars Gymnastics

Hannah Oliveros – IGI Gymnastics

Kaitlyn Grimes – BIG Gymnastics Inc.

 1:04:25 – Coaches wired with Kat!

 1:05:17 – SR E Recap –

Anna Haggis injured on warm-up and Azaria Bradley from Gymnasti steps in

Sarah Hargrove – Cincinnati Gymnastics

Anna Kaziska – Champion Gymnastics/All About Kids Sports Center

Sydney Jennings – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Camryn Klein – DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics

Anna Haigis – Queen City Gymnastics/Kids First

Madison Ianuzzo – Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center

Taylor Newland – Universal Gymnasts Inc.

1:08:00 – Training Day Setback for Anna Kaziska

1:11:25 – JR F Recap – Gianna pulls out due to foot issue.

Gillian Rutz – Perfection Gymnastics School

Hannah Nam – Cincinnati Gymnastics

Tara Walsh – Olympia Gymnastics Academy

Cassidy O’Neill – Cincinnati Gymnastics

Cassandra Barbanente – Palmer’s Gymnastics Inc.

Gianna Gerdes – Gym X-Treme

Avery Balser – Buckeye Gymnastics

 1:16:00 – SR F Recap

Kaitlyn Higgins – Gymnastic Academy of Rockford

Ashley Hofelich – Oakland Gymnastics Training Center

Karalyn Roberts – Splitz Gymnastics

Nicole Borkowski – New Heights Gymnastics

Nicole Baars – Crystal Lake Gymnastics

Alyssa Wiedeman – Perfection Gymnastics School

Bridget Killian – Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLC

 1:23:20 – Judging Observations

Judging Panel Line Up

Scoring difference between Flight A and Flight B and Gym A & Gym B

Rewarding difficulty

1:29:40  – Final Standouts


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