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Meditative Movement with Perfect 10 Posture?

Take this time to build a better foundation, build a better you? Reduce stress and anxiety and build up your overall confidence with meditative movement!

Hello Region 5!
I wanted to invite you to join in my daily live video streams as we navigate our way through these unprecedented times. There are three main goals with these video streams:

  1. Lead important movement activities that are designed to strengthen and enhance the body’s immune system. 
  2. Introduce and help you practice different techniques to calm the mind and heal our emotional body.
  3. Share thoughts and ideas and unique perspectives to help you maximize the opportunity being presented by this “life puzzle” we are currently working to solve.

To be clear – I am NOT handing out answers or a step by step list of what to do every day. I am simply sharing ways of thinking about ourselves and about our bodies that will enhance EVERYTHING that we wish to pursue or participate in once our world returns to its new state of normal. My wish is that we come out of this definitely CHANGED and definitely CHANGED for the BETTER!

#1- “Contributing to the team bucket” Make sure you are only putting in positive energy – that’s what you will be giving to your family, friends, community. AND that’s what will be in there when you need to use some of that community energy! Exercises – Birthday candle blowing; Foot connection; Spinal awareness


#2- “Seize the Opportunity to Learn to Relax” Take this time of uncertainty and less structured obligations to get better at those things we say we WISH to be better at. What is it that you always complain about? Want to have less anxiety in your life and the lives of your family members? Want to learn how to calm your mind? Here is a great starting point…and it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Exercises – Perfect 10 Posture gym warm-up basics


#3 – “Find Abundance in Nature” Utilize the opportunity to get out in nature and share of the abundance of healing energy that Mother Earth has to share.  Exercises – Moving joints from the ground up; Breathing


#4 – “Resetting the Central Nervous System” Keeping the brain out of panic state and returning it to calm as the community bucket gets full of anxiety. Using the struggle to become more aware and intervene sooner to avoid injuries or long term disability. Exercises – Eye exercises; Breathing; Using the “peanut”; Thoracic rotation


#5 – “Integrating” Taking time to allow all the new information to integrate into our body – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Learning to practice, master, and embody the simple exercises that make up our strong foundation. Exercises – Energy circles; Breathing; Visualization/Meditation


If you wish to take advantage of deeper healing opportunities, contact me directly at [email protected] and let’s have a conversation.


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