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Hey Press Play- 2023 Coaches Spectacular

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The 2024 Coaches Spectacular featured Level 10 teams from all five state in the Region 5 along with Utah Iowa and West Virginia. Gym Xtreme’s Gabby Van Frayen claimed the meets top score with her 38.3 which featured a 9.8 on beam. Gabby was an elite for many years but as dropped back to finish out her last two years in club gymnastics. She qualified to the Nastia Cup in the senior age group.

Addie Sarisky from Olympic Dreams swept her age group and had the second highest all around score of the competition with a 38.1. Addie, who was a member of this years Region 5 All Star Team, competed a full in on floor which is an upgrade for 2024. Her bars are always top notch but it was her front aerial to standing layout step out and a 9.625 on beam that lead the way for Addie.

The standout of this competition at least to my eyes was Gym Xtreme’s Maggie Waterstreet who finished with a 38.1 (tying Addie for the 2nd highest score of the competition). Her mix of difficulty and execution was on point here and is one to watch out for this season. Maggie had the highest score of the competition on vault with her huge Yurchenko Full for a 9.7 and second highest on bars with a 9.65 where her long line separate her from the competition.

The top junior athlete for the Nastia Cup was Queen City’s Quinlyn Rollins scoring a 37.375. Quinlyn, who was 2nd in the all around at Level 9 Easterns in 2023, showed her new layout layout series on beam for a 9.55 and the top spot in her age group.

These all around standouts were very impressive to watch and will be all season long. However, as in all competitions, there are many routines that stand out for one reason or another and either are missed or just overshadowed by other routines. Well here are 10 routines that HEY….. YOU NEED TO PRESS PLAY!

Sadara Mayhorn, Legacy Beam 9.3

Check out her very nice back pike series and Korbet swing down on beam.

Breelyn Rickey, Perfection Bars 9.3

Breelyn has a very nice Gienger and toe front pike 1/2 dismount which you don’t see very often.

Bailee Norris, Flytz Vault 9.6

Bailee rocks her Yurchenko full

Kylie Smith, Cincinnati Bars 9.45

Impressive first year level 10 bar routine which features a Stalder blind and a nice double layout.

Brooklynn Jarrell, Future Beam 9.25

FRONT ON and Side Somi, Front Aerial, Side Aerial. Brooklynn has them all.

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Taylor Gomez, BIG Beam 9.375

Solid and high back handspring layout and a very nice front tuck (even with the landing deduction).

Payton Stanos, Five Star Beam 9.3

Nice Front Toss to Layout step out and nailed her front full dismount

Ellie Monahan, Cincinnati Vault 9.6

Her layout Kaz is always awesome to watch!

Izzy Biro, Queen City Bars 9.5

Beautiful Giant 1/1 right on top of the bar into a double back.

Addie Oiler-Velez, Buckeye Bars 9.05

I love this routine because it is not like any others in the competition not to mention a very nice Ezhova release.


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