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Episode #7: Journey of Armenian Olympian Houry Gebeshian




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Houry was a scholarship athlete at the University of Iowa between 2008-2011 and won a Big Ten Beam Title. She has a great story on how she began to compete for Armenia at the world championships and ultimately becoming the first armenian female gymnast to compete at the Olympic games. She has now moved onto coaching both club and future armenian gymnasts along with helping aspiring collegiate gymnasts with the recruiting process. She has done it all and is on our show today to give us her story of drive and determination to achieve her dreams. We welcome back Houry Gebeshian to the show today.

Episode #7 Show Notes:

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 Show Breakdown

5:22 – How and Why Houry decided to compete at the elite level for Armenia

7:16 – Transition from college to elite

9:22 – Experience as college athlete at Iowa and being 2011 Big Ten Beam Champion.

12:11 – What brought Houry back to competitive gymnastics after her short time as an elite in 2011?

14:45 – IF IF IF IF, You have the passion why not go for it.

16:25 – Competing at the 2015 World Championships in Scotland

19:08 – Experience of the new World Championships introductions (FIRE)

20:32 – Rio Olympic Test Event Experience

22:54 – Arriving at the 2016 Rio Olympics, village, lost luggage

 24:12– The moment of realization of being an Olympian

27:08 -Talking about being part of the Armenian delegation at the opening ceremonies and in village

29:40–   Marching out and competing at the Olympics

31:22 – Getting The “Gebeshian” bar mount

34:02 – Was the olympics all you dreamed of?

35:35 – Gym World and the owners impact on your olympic journey

39:14-  MR G ( the late Ron Ganim)

41:12- Transition to coaching (coaching in Region 5 at Gym World)

43:22– Coaching at the elite level for Armenia and building up Armenian Gymnastics

45:16– What has Houry gained from her experiences in gymnastics?

If your interested in help with the college recruiting process Houry and Full out Recruiting are there to help. Check out their website at https://fulloutcollegiaterecruiting.com for more information.

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