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ALUMonday- 2024 NCAA Week 4

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Week 4 was all about floor…. lots of great floor routines on ALUMonday for you to enjoy this week. But don’t you worry all four events are featured in this weeks post HA HA HA!

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Dani Fuertez, Kent State Floor 9.925

Alana Anderson, NIU Floor 9.85

Ady Wahl, Georgia Vault 9.925

Ally Schaupp, WMU Floor 9.9

Anna Grace McCullough, EMU Floor 9.8

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Kennedy Griffin, Missouri Floor 9.975

Breckin Quoss, WMU Floor 9.85

Retoshia Halsell, Towson Vault 9.85

Megan Bingham, Bowling Green Beam 9.925

Madison Greene, SEMO Floor 9.9


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