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2022 R5 Insider Classic Top 5 Level 10 Routines

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The club post season is approaching which means it’s getting closer to the naming the 2022 Region 5 Dream Teams. It’s always exciting to see new faces emerge as we move closer to the Region 5 Championships. These individual event highlights are significant for 2022 with the addition of the Wildcard Individual Event session. Check out these top 5 level ten routines on each event from the 2022 R5 Insider Classic.


Ady Wahl, Zanesville 9.775

Amina Mackalo, Gym America 9.55 video

Mila Halpin, KGA 9.45 video

Giana Trolio, Olympic Dreams 9.4 video

Kali Freeman, B&B Gymnastics 9.3 video


Addison Sarisky, Olympic Dreams 9.675

Ady Wahl, Zanesville 9.525 video

Keeley Kohler, Michigan Elite 9.325 video

Sophia Reedy, Eurostars 9.1 video

Amina Mackalo, Gym America 9.025 video


Kali Freeman, B&B Gymnastics 9.5

Addison Sarisky, Olympic Dreams 9.4 video

Ady Wahl, Zanesville 9.375 video

Dawson Sallee, Legacy 9.275 video

Graci Botka, Flip Star 9.25 video


Cami Whitaker, Aerial Gymnastics 9.775

Addison Sarisky, Olympic Dreams 9.7 video

Ady Wahl, Zanesville 9.675 video

Kennedy Cooper, Michigan Elite 9.65 video

Sophia Reddy, EuroStars 9.525 video


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