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2021 DEV Nationals Rewind

Region 5 had a successful 2021 DEV Nationals competition. Though our region came into the competition as the defending super team champions from 2019, finishing 3rd overall in 2021 was a huge accomplishment. Many of our gyms didn’t return to full actual in gym training (Covid shutdown) until September or October. We won three individual all around titles and 11 individual event titles with many more top 10 finishes. Here is a breakdown of each age group.

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Team Result- Junior A:  7TH  Senior A: 5th
Full Results:  Junior A  | Senior A
National Champions: SRA- Sarah Moraw (Champion USA) All Around and Balance Beam
Top 10 Finishers: JRA- Olivia Lang (Cincinnati) 5th Floor 9.6 | Lili Cosman (Capitol City Flips) 5th Floor 9.6 | SRA- Sarah Moraw (Champion USA) 1st Beam 9.525, 6th Bars 9.625, 9th Floor 9.625, 10th Vault 9.6 | Sage Kellerman (All American Flames) 2nd Vault 9.75 | Retoshia Halsell (Champion KY) 10th Vault 9.6
DEV National Team MembersSarah Moraw (SRA)
Photogallery: Junior and Senior A
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Full Results: Junior B | Senior B
Team Results:  JrB 3rd | SrB 1st
National Champions: JrB Lauren Harkins (JPAC) UB 9.725T, Railey Jackson (GymNasti) BB 9.675. SrB Paige Thaxton (MAG) UB 9.750T, Nikki Smith (Eurostars) FX 9.825
Top 10 Finishers: JrB Railey Jackson (GymNasti) 6th AA 38.175 | Jazlynn Chism (Midwest Elite) 8th AA 38.050, 8th VT 9.525, 3rd UB 9.700, 5th BB 9.500 | Lauren Harkins (JPAC) 7th FX 9.676. SrB Laci Keck (JPAC) 2nd AA 38.725, 3rd UB 9.725, 2nd FX 9.775 | Nikki Smith (Eurostars) 4th AA 38.100, 4th VT 9.725, 4th BB 9.550 | Lily Clapper (Gym America) 7th VT 9.650 | Rachel Rybicki (Olympia) 9th VT 9.600 | Paige Thaxton (MAG) 6th BB 9.500.
DEV National Team Members: SrB Laci Keck (JPAC), Nikki Smith (Eurostars)
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Junior and Senior C

Full Results: Junior C | Senior C
Team Results:  JrC 5th | SrC 6th
Top 10 Finishers: JrC Lucie Kirchner (JPAC) 5th All-Around 38.125, 4th Vault 9.625, 8th Beam 9.475. Sammy Macasu (Legacy Elite) 6th Bars 9.650. Ellie Monahan (CGA) 8th Beam 9.475, 4th Floor 9.725. Emerson Smith (Buckeye) 8th Beam 9.475. Josey Kiefer (CGA) 5th Floor 9.700. SrC Savannah Miller (MEGA) 9th Bars 9.625, 7th Floor 9.650. Lexi Xiromeritis (Capital City Flips) 9th Bars 9.625.

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Junior and Senior D

Full Results: Junior D | Senior D
Team Results:  JrD 3rd | SrD 4th
National Champions: JrD Hannah Scheible (All American Flames) 1st All Around 38.80, Beam 9.625, Floor 9.950.
Top 10 Finishers: JrD Hannah Scheible (AA Flames) 5th Vault 9.600, 4th Bars 9.625. JoJo Valahovic (Gym World) 9th Vault 9.500, 3rd Beam 9.525. Madison Gustitus (Legacy Elite) 3rd Beam 9.525, 5th Floor 9.750. SrD Ariana Gilley (JPAC) 8th All-Around 38.250. Abbey Scanlon (Legacy Elite) 8th Beam 9.400. Madison Greene 5th Floor 9.775.
DEV National Team Members: Hannah Scheible (All American Flames)

Photogallery: Junior and Senior D

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Junior and Senior E

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Full Results: Junior E | Senior E
Team Results:  JrE 4th | SrE 1st
National Champions: SrE Skyla Schulte (Phenom) 1st All-Aorund 38.950, Beam 9.725, Floor 9.850
Top 10 Finishers: JrE Sydney Jelen (Legacy Elite) 3rd Bars 9.750, Kaia Tanskanen (MEGA) 10th Vault 9.500, 10th Bars 9.550, 9th Floor 9.525. Ady Wahl (Zanesville) 10th Vault 9.500, 5th Floor 9.750. Olivia Coppola (CGA) 5th Floor 9.750. SrE Skyla Schulte 4th Vault 9.725. Tory Vetter (Universal) 4th All-Around 38.550, 6th Vault 9.700, 7th Bars 9.700, 7th Beam 9.500, 9th Floor 9.675. Marissa Rojas (MAG) 7th Bars 9.700, 9th Beam 9.475. Sidney Washington (Gym America) 6th Vault 9.700,
DEV National Team Members: Skyla Schulte (Phenom), Tory Vetter (Universal)
Photogallery: Junior and Senior E

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Junior and Senior F

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Full Results: Junior F | Senior F
Team Results:  JrF 1st| SrF 1st
National Champions: JrF Elizabeth Gantner (JPAC) Bars 9.800, Beam 9.675
Top 10 Finishers: JrF Elizabeth Gantner (JPAC) 2nd All-Around, 4th Vault 9.575, 4th Floor 9.750. Jenna Olshefski (Universal) 6th All-Around 38.100, 3rd Vault 9.750, 2nd Floor 9.875. Reese Samuelson (Rockford) 7th Bars 9.675, Paige Yu (Medina) 8th Vault 9.525, Katie Harper (Universal) 8th Bars 9.650, 10th Floor 9.625. Megan Asher (CGA) 8th Beam 9.475. SrF Gabi Stephen (MEGA-IL) 5th All-Around 38.450, 7th Vault 9.725, 9th Beam 9.500, 9th Floor 9.650. Ella Chemotti (Eurostars) 7th All-Around 38.400, 9th Vault 9.700, 7th Bars 9.725. Kaitlyn Grimes (BIG) 10th All-Around 38.250, 7th Bars 9.725. Makenzie Sedlacek (MEGA-IL) 3rd Bars 9750, 3rd Floor 9.775. Haley Tyson (Phenom) 6th Beam 9.525.
DEV National Team Members: Elizabeth Gantner (JPAC)
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