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2020 NCAA Lovely Leos (Division II & III)

Athletes from Division II & Division III schools were all suppose to be meeting together in Ithaca, New York for a change to tumble it out for the 2020 USA Gymnastics Women’s Collegiate National Championships, instead like everyone else their season came to an end before it was suppose too. So, instead of donning their leotards for one last weekend they were all at home coaching up over ZOOM, FaceTime & Skype. What I look forward to most  while viewing any gymnastics competition is the leos! Many DII & DIII schools have made our weekly NCAA Lovely Leo List in the past and since the season was cut short that means so was our weekly Leo List! So, I tirelessly searched the internet and compiled all my favorite leos from every school around the country!

The season may have ended, but the Shimmer & Shine of the Lovely Leos List will last forever!

Check out the Lovely Leos from DII & DII Schools in the gallery below



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