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2018 Yahtzee Awards…The Winners Are!!!!

The 2018 Yahtzee Awards have come to a close! We are proud to announce the winners of the 3rd annual Region 5 Insider Yahtzee Awards!

Congratulations to all of this years nominees and thank you to everyone who voted.

So, without further a do we proudly announce our 2018 winners…..


Best Floor Choreography

Best Music

Most Entertaining

Best Performance

Most Powerful

Best Form



Most Unique Vault

Best Bar Combo

Huge Air

Most Interesting Beam Mount

Most Unique Beam Series



Best Stick

Team Spirit

Favorite Invitational

Most Memorable Meet Moment
Briar Burden adds “The Burden” beam dismount to the COP



Coaching Moment

Infinity Gymnastics Closed suddenly just weeks before Level 9 Eastern Nationals,they had an athlete qualify to Easterns. Maddie Rydel was left without a gym to represent or a facility to train in leading up to Nationals. Her amazing coaches Andrei Nitkin and Brittany Lapinski made sure she did not miss out on chance to be there. These coaches found places for Maddie to work out prior to Easterns, including high schools and open gym time at facilities near them. These two coaches, used their own funds to make it to New York. Maddie ended up finishing 2nd on the uneven bars in her age group.




Thank You to everyone who voted!

Awards will be given out to the athletes and coaches who will be at the 2018 Region 5 Banquet & Congress! If a coach from your gym will be at congress please message us on facebook so we can connect or stop by the Region 5 Store Friday morning. Others will be mailed directly to the winners gyms, so please look for those next week!






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