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2018 Level 9 Eastern National AA Champion (Maleah Crowley-Legacy Elite)


Our next Level 9 Eastern National All Around Champion is Maleah Crowley of Legacy Elite presented by A-1 Awards

How does it feel to be the 2018 Junior 7 Level 9 Eastern National All Around Champion? To be a National All Around Junior 7 Champion makes me feel like I accomplished not only one season goal, but two.

Tell us how your meet went today? Walk us through each moment of your day, warm ups, events, etc..I woke up ready to have a solid meet, and I did just that. It was not my strongest meet, but I was consistent for all 4 events.

What do you normally do between events to stay focused and ready for the next event? To stay focused on events I usually just live in the moment and do what I need to.

Tell us about the atmosphere of the meet comrade to regular season meets you have been too. The venue felt professional, it was a little bit colder than normal, yet it was more energizing because we represented Region 5 rather than an individual gym.

What is it like being part of Region at Eastern Nationals? (be descriptive) Region 5 is known for being the best region and it was a great experience to be part of a new team and represent Region 5.

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How has your experience been here at Nationals? What have you been doing besides competing? It was a really quick trip, just an overnight. But an experience of meeting so many other talented gymnasts and I also built more relationships so it was great.

When the meet is over what is or what was the first thing you did to celebrate your win? My parents gave me a big hug but we had to rush to the airport right after.

Other than becoming National Champion, what was one highlight of the meet for you? My mom surprised me and came, so I had both my parents at the meet.

Anything crazy or funny happen during your meet? I accidentally saluted during the announcement when the announcer said “Legacy” it wasn’t Legacy Elite and I saluted with the teammate next to me.

How does Region 5 compare to the other Regions out on the competition Floor? What sets Region 5 apart? Region 5 develops the feel of a true team by the camps and talks.



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