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2017 Yahtzee Awards Nominees (Part 3)



We have come to the 3rd and final set of nominees in the 2017 Region 5 Insider Yahtzee Awards, voting is now open.  All voting will close Tuesday September 12th, winners will be announced Thursday prior to the Region 5 Banquet being held in Louisville, KY.

Yahtzee Awards Part 1
Yahtzee Awards Part 2

Most Powerful

Best Pre-Routine Handshake

Team Spirit

Cincinnati Gymnastics

Gym America





Coaching Moment

Brett Wargo & Lucas Wasson-Cheer Sticks

Legacy Elite Qualifies 21 to Nationals

Jason MacDonald multitasking wonder

Shannon Hunt to the rescue

Brian Zook pre-vault hype up  “10 secs of 100% effort/energy”


Most Memorable Meet Moment

Colby Miller-Hits Bars to become National Champion

Nia Dennis-Sweeps Regionals

Paige Kovnesky-Leadership at JO Nationals

Helen Hu & Payton Richards-Both Back2Back JO National Beam Champions

Alyssa Keller-Brand New Vault for 1st Time at JO Nationals

Thanks for voting!!

Winners will be announced next week!



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