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2017 Top 10 Region 5 Favorite Leotards (1-5)

The moment everyone has been waiting for, my top 5 favorite leotards of Region 5! This was a incredibly hard decision to make this year because so many clubs had fantastic leotards. This year I wanted to try and focus on clubs with first year leotards for the Top 5, with so many teams having incredible leotards, I could literally have filled this list with everyone from last years list and then some. Please enjoy the Top 5 Region 5 Leotards for 2017


Drum Roll Please……………



5.Legacy Elite (Illinois 3rd yr)

Legacy Elite never disappoints in their leotard selections, I always love how they chose something completely different and unique, but still stick to their signature purple and white colors.  What I love most about this leotard is the dragon! I love how Legacy Elite, which is owned by 2 Chinese Olympians, stays connected to their roots with the dragon. Whether it is on their warm-ups or their competitive leotards they always find a way to incorporate the dragon, which is a symbol of strength, power & good luck, into what they are wearing. This leotard, like their gymnastics, certainly makes them stand out on the competition floor.


4. Infinity (Illinois 1st yr)

2017 has turned out to be the year of purple, there are so many gyms around the Region wearing the color purple and their are quite a few on our list this year. This purple & black ombre leo from Infinity in Illinois caught my eye right away as soon as I saw it. There was just something about it that I just instantly loved. One of my favorite parts is the infinity logo on the back, which was a surprise because I did not notice it at first, but I really like how they used this recognizable symbol in place of words. Normally, teams will have their gym name embezzled on the leotard, but the use of the infinity symbol makes it stand out that my more for me and this is something that makes this leo so special and eye catching.


3. MEGA (Michigan 1st yr)

MEGA, from Michigan, is another one that has been catching my eye all season. Many gyms use black & pink, but there is something about the design of this leotard that makes it completely stand out. For me this leotard has international flare! I could definitely picture this leotard on a team competing at the European Championships or World Championships, the quality of the design is that good! There is nothing bad I can say about this leotard, I absolutely love it!


2.Cincinnati Gymnastics (Ohio 4th yr)

Who ever is picking out CGA’s leotards has gotten it right again for the 4th year in a row! CGA has held a spot on our Top 10 Leotard list each year since the beginning. Year after year they have exceptional leotards! Ever since I first saw Amelia Hundley (former CGA Elite) wearing this leotard at the 2016 P&G Championships I have loved it, so when CGA showed up with it this season I was totally stoked! I instantly knew this would be a favorite not only for this list, but for many gymnastics fans in general.

1. Youngstown (Ohio 1st yr)

Hands down my favorite leotard!! As soon as I saw this I was instantly in love! Secretly wishing I would have got it first for my team. For me this leotard is classy, elegant, and sophisticated, it reminds me of a beautiful ball gown that you would see on a red carpet at some high society event. Every time I see the girls from Youngstown on the competition floor it is like they put on their formal wear for the competition. It reminds me of when Svetlana Khorkina would wear all black in the AA Finals at the the Olympic Games, because it was the premier event and she would wear her “Little Black Dress”. Youngstown, really stands out in this leotard at every meet that they attend, who ever picked out his one really nailed it!


Stay Tuned for the Level 9 Edition of our Top Region 5 Leotards!


****For leotards to be eligible for the list, the club has to have at least 1 athlete competing in any Level 10 session at the Region 5 Championships****


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