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2017 Level 9 Eastern National Champion Q&A: Izzabel Geig (Gymnastics World)

The next 2017 Level 9 Eastern National All-Around Champion hailing from Region 5 is Izzabel Geig of Gymnastics World in Ohio. Izzabel had a stellar competition in Diamondale not only winning the Senior 2 AA title, but she also swung to the National Title on the Uneven Bars and tumbled her way to the National Floor Exercise Title as well. Let’s get to know Izzabel a little better and find out what some her favorite meet moments were and her inspired her the most on her big day in Michigan.

Congratulations on being the Level 9 Eastern All-Around Champion. How does it feel to have come out on top? It feels amazing being the Eastern National AA, Bars and Floor Champion and I feel like anything is possible. It is such a fun experience.

Tell us how your meet went today? I got a lot if rest the night before and the morning of the competition. Once I got to the meet, I watched a few girls compete during the session before mine. Once warmups started, I met my Region 5 team mates and everybody learned names. Our first event was floor. I was the first one to compete, so I warmed up,first. I warmed up all my tumbling passes in a few turns, and then did dance parts. Once I was done warming up I got a drink and got into my focus zone. I went through keywords and watched my routine in my head. I was then ready to compete. I got up and did my routine like I know how to do. I tried not to overthink too much and remember my keywords. We then went to vault. Warmups were a little off, but once I competed, I was back to my normal vault. I just pretend to vault like i’m just at practice to keep myself from getting nervous. After that, we rotated to bars. Bats is my favorite event, so I wasn’t nervous at all. Warmups were pretty normal. Once again I pictured my best routine in my head. My competition routine was one of my best routines. My teammates supported me all the way and helped me focus. Finally we went to beam. My warm ups were solid, and I was 100% confident that one as going to do well. I competed 2nd and performed my best routine of the season. My coaches were really proud of me. After I was done competing I knew that I had a good meet. I was proud of myself.

What do you normally do between events to stay focused and ready for the next event? Between events I like to talk to teammates to help me relax and not get too nervous. I like to tell myself that I can do it and that this is my chance to shine
and show what I have been working so hard for.

Tell us about the atmosphere of the meet compared to,regular season meets you have been to. The atmosphere of the meet was amazing. It was very loud and fun. There are so many people that you have only met that day that support you and cheer you in. The march-in and the announcing also made the meet feel motivating and exciting.

What is it like being part of Region 5 at Eastern Nationals? Being a part of Region 5 at Eastern Nationals was an experience I will never forget. Everyone was happy and super supportive. Region 5 had all of the tattoos and ribbons and light up glasses that no one else had. I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other region.

How has your experience been here at Nationals? What have you been doing besides competing? My experience was so much fun. I would do it everyday if I could. I love traveling for competitions and staying in hotels and just traveling in general. It makes me even more excited because I get to visit cool places.

When the meet is over what is or what was the first thing you did to celebrate your win? The first thing I did to celebrate my own was go out to dinner with my mom. We always go find a nice place to eat with good food and just relax and celebrate.

Other than becoming National Champion, what was one highlight of the meet for you today? The one highlight of the meet was making new friends and being part of the Region 5 Dream Team. I met so many great people and had a lot of fun.

Any crazy or funny happen during your meet today? The announcer kept pronouncing my last name wrong and my teammates and I found it funny. Also, part of the USAG symbol on my leotard was falling off. The leg of the person was coming off and I said, ” break a leg!” Me and my coach were laughing.

How does Region 5 compare to the other Regions out on the competition floor? What sets region 5 apart? Region 5 seemed to be more pumped and loud. We had a different cheer that was funny for each event that no other regions did. Also, Region 5 had the blinking glasses and pom-poms, hair ribbons, and tattoos. I noticed that no other Region had as much cool gear as we did.

Who inspired you the most today? What did they say to you? How did you get amped up and motivated today? My mom inspired me. She always cheers me up and we play music in the car to get amped up for the meet. My mom told me that she was proud of me no matter what and she helped me relax and get excited.

Check out Izzabel’s 9.575 Eastern Championship Bar Routine

Congratulations to Izzabel on her success and hard work. Also, congratulations to the coaches and staff of Gymnastics World, as well as Izzabel’s family.

Stay Tuned for more Level 9 Eastern National Champions……


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