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2017 JO Nationals Preview- Region 5 Seniors


Senior A

The senior A’s have some incredible leaders at the forefront of their team, Kai Rivers (Twistars) is the reigning 2017 Nastia Liukin Cup Champion as well as a 2016 JO National Champion Payton Richards (Aerial).  Two outstanding  JPAC athletes Danielle Nosek & MaKenna Clarke, a Region 5 “One to Watch” for Indiana, are looking forward to competing in front of a hometown crowd which will make it even more exciting and loud in the arena.  The team features two talented new
comers Samantha Sworst (GTC), who is a 2016 Level 9 Eastern National Champion and Megan Teter (Gym World) who competes with a lot of energy and personality! The tough part about sports are the injuries that can occur. Mayleigh Vanderbeek from Champion had one at the wrong time and Lauren Moses from Perfect Balance is ready to fill the void. Amanda Jackson of IGI will now move up into Lauren’s position and compete for Region 2.  This age group will certainly shine and bring down the house this weekend! Look for their personalities to shine especially in their high energy floor routines!
Meet the Senior A’s click here

[one-half-first]Kai Rivers-Twistars USA
Payton Richards-Aerial
Lauren Moses-Perfect Balance
Danielle Nosek-JPAC

[one-half]MaKenna Clarke-JPAC
Samantha Sworst-GTC
Megan Teter-Gym World
Amanda Jackson, IGI

Senior B

Anna Kaziska (Champion-KY), Claire Gagliardi (Olympic Dreams) and Makarri Doggette (Buckeye) are the veterans leading a strong Senior B group. Anna a 3-time JO National Qualifier is the 2017 Region 5 Champion. Claire, who was a former Hopes athlete, has made numerous JO appearances and always has the most entertaining & different floor choreography. Makarri Doggette, who has scored a perfect 10 on vault is a 3 time Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier, 4 time JO National Qualifier and a former Hopes athlete will bring huge power, leadership and score potential to this team. Madison Griffith (Naperville) looks to build off her experience in 2016 being called in to  replace an injured athlete at JO’s a year ago, and Kayla Perez (Legacy Elite) who is a solid all around gymnast will get to compete for Region 5 this go around, competing for Region 2 in 2015.  In their first JO Nationals. Rachel DeCavitch (Gym World), who has some unique gymnastics (including her beam mount) and Corina Tolan (United) both look ready to make an impact for Region 5.  and Corina Tolan (United) round out this talented group. Watch for the group of ladies to hit it big this weekend and add to the super team total.
Meet the Senior B’s click here

[one-half-first]Anna Kaziska-Champion (KY)
Madeline Griffith-Naperville
Rachel DeCavitch-Gym World
Claire Gagliardi-Olympia Dreams

[one-half]Kayal Perez-Legacy Elite
Makkarri Doggette-Buckeye
Carina Tolan-United

Senior C

The Senior C’s are a mixture of power and grace. Colby Miller (Perfection), who swept the medals (tied for first on beam) at the 2017 Region 5 Championships is heading into her first JO Nationals as the leader of a strong Senior C Team, along with JO National veterans Sarah Hargrove (CGA) & Katilyn Higgins (GAR). Alyssa Keller (All-American Flames), who is new on the scene is definitely one to watch with her Full Twisting Tuck Tsuk Vault & her stylish floor routine, which certainly has podium potential. Camryn Klien (DeVeau’s), Marissa Holmes (Southern Ill) look for her nice Yurchenko Layout half  & Alyssa Weideman (Perfection) are also new to JO Nationals, but certainly bring maturity and wonderful lines to their routines. The Senior C’s will not disappoint out on the competition floor this weekend.
Meet the Senior C’s click here

[one-half-first]Colby Miller-Perfection
Sarah Hargrove-CGA
Katilyn Higgins-GAR
Camryn Klein-DeVeau’s

[one-half]Alyssa Keller-All American Flames
Holmes-Southern Illinois
Alyssa Wiedeman-Perfection

Senior D

The Senior D’s are a team of 5 wise veterans and 2 first year JO National competitors. This team will have no problems getting into the swing of JOs and getting things going on the competition floor. Ashley Hofelich (Oakland) has always been on my radar, she has a fun floor set and a maturity about her and her gymnastics that is unparalleled, I can not wait to see what the 2017 JO National Championships holds for this athlete. The same can be said about Nicole Borkowski (New Heights), in the last year, Nikki has made huge upgrades all over the gym, she is one of those silent competitors that flies under the radar. Nikki is another athlete making her debut this weekend, look out for this hard working young lady to hit when it counts. The rest of the Senior Ds have been here before and have had great success. Jenna Swartzentruber (Buckeye) is a 3-time Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier and the 2017 JO National Bars champion, so she is no stranger to the big stage. Bridget Killian (Legacy Elite) has consistency in her back pocket with one of the best triple fulls in the business. Her teammate Wesley Stephenson, who is returning after injury is ready to shine once again. Wesley the 2014 JO National Beam champion is ready to put on a show here in Indy. Aleah Leman (Energym) is ready for her second JO Nationals looking calm and confident and ready to attack. She is one to watch on floor using great front and back tumbling combinations including a huge whip double back. And finally the beauty that is Abigail Matthews (CGA) this young lady has the most exquisite lines I have seen, she is always a joy to watch on the floor and balance beam. She has a lightness about her movements, she extends each and every move all the way through her toes and fingers. She will certainly draw the attention of everyone this weekend as she takes the floor.
Meet the Senior D’s click here

[one-half-first]Jenna Swartzentruber-Buckeye
Bridget Killian-Legacy Elite
Wesley Stephanson-Legacy Elite
Abigail Matthews-CGA

[one-half]Ashley Hofelich-Oakland
Aleah Leman-Energym
Nicole Borkowoski-New Heights


The last two age groups are literally the “old ladies” of the meet! The Senior E & Senior F athletes are embarking on their last moments in JO Gymnastics before heading off to their respective colleges in the fall. For some of these young ladies it is a culmination of a triumphant gymnastics career ending in their final trip to JO Nationals and for a few others this is their first year at JO Nationals, but their last go around representing Region 5.

For Tristan Brown (Sr E-Twistars USA), MacKenna Linnen (Senior E-Gym America) and Allison Synder (Senior F-Perfection) this will be their first and last time at JO Nationals. For them this weekend is bitter sweet because they finally made it to the big show, but will be saying goodbye to Region 5 after this competition. Tristan Brown, a 2016 Eastern National Champion, is small but powerful, she has a lightness about her while she is competing. MacKenna Linnen is one of the most beautiful athletes I have ever seen, she swings bars like no one’s business with an unique blind full to double lay combination that cannot be missed. However, it is her beam and floor that she is known for with a combination of unique skills, flowing choreography and huge tumbling Macka will be a crowd favorite for sure. Allison Snyder delivers on every event, but it is her vault that makes her stand out, her hand front is one of those different vaults that we will see this weekend. These athletes will look to their team of veterans to lead the way this weekend. Nia Dennis (SrF) for Legacy Elite, a former elite, and Anastasia Webb (SrE) from IGI, 2016 JO National runner-up and National floor champion are ready to battle for the  
Super Team Trophy for the last time before they head off to college and a new life chapter. Anne Maxim (Olympia) 2016 JO National Bars champion, Darby Nelson (CGA), Rachel Borden (Legacy Elite) and Samantha Gallet (BIG) will round out the talented Senior E Age Group, with Anna Warhol (Youngstown), Kaci Martir (CGA), Brooke Chesney (CGA), Mia Lord (DeVeau’s) & Courtney Bezold (Gym-Nation) for the Senior F Age Group. These two groups of talented young athletes have endured years of training, traveling and competing for this moment. Lets send this group of Seniors off in style with the 2017 JO Nationals Super Team Title.


[one-half-first]Senior E
Anastasia Webb-I.G.I
Anne Maxim-Olympia
MacKenna Linnen-Gym America
Darby Nelson-CGA
Tristan Brown-Twistars USA
Rachel Borden-Legacy Elite
Samantha Gallet-BIG

[one-half]Senior F
Nia Dennis-Legacy Elite
Anna Warhol-Youngstown
Kaci Martir-CGA
Allison Snyder-Perfection
Brooke Chesney-CGA
Mia Lord-DeVeau’s
Courtney Bezold-Gym-Nation[/one-half]


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