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2016 Eastern Champion Q&A: Tory Vetter (Universal)




The 2016 Level 9 Eastern Nationals were held April 28-May 1 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Unfortunately our Media Team was not able to attend the competition, so we asked coaches, parents and athletes to send us videos, pictures, updates and for the All-Around Champions to fill out our Region 5 National Champions Q&A.


Lets meet the 2016 Level 9 Junior 3 Eastern National Champion Tory Vetter of Universal Gymnasts in Ohio.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How does it feel to be the 2016 Level 9 Eastern National All-Around Champion?

It feels very exciting and it feels like my hard work has paid off!

Tell us how your meet went for you? Walk us through each moment of your day, Warm-Ups, events Etc……

My meet went great!! I started off strong on vault, which gave me more confidence, going into the next three events. Then I felt like bars was the event I was most nervous about, and I was so happy that I had a clean bar routine. I was looking forward to having fun on beam and floor, and hopefully making four out of four routines, which I did!!! I really wanted to just go out there and have fun today!!tory2 copy

What do you normally do between events to stay focused and read for the next event?

In between each event I try to keep my mind tight and focused but still enjoy the meet and my teammates.

Tell us about the atmosphere of the meet compared to regular season meets you have been too.

I feel like the atmosphere was more fun and exciting and I love that we get to meet and compete with new people and become friends.

What is it like being part of Region 5 at Eastern Nationals?

It’s really exciting because it is a lot of fun and we cheer for each other a lot and it’s a really positive atmosphere and we get to meet really amazing coaches and gymnasts in Region 5.

How has your experience been here at Nationals? What have you been doing besides competing?

My experience was really fun and exciting and it was an amazing opportunity to go to Nationals. Besides competing, we went to the beach, rode bicycles on the beach path, went to the Virginia Aquarium where we got to pet some sting rays, and went to the Nationals Banquet.

When the meet is over what is or what was the first thing you did to celebrate your win?

We went out to eat to celebrate my meet and my Coaches Birthday!

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Other than becoming National Champion, what was one highlight of the meet for you?

Region 5 winning the Eastern National Team Title in the Junior 3 division I was competing for.

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Anything crazy or funny happen during your competition?

Not Really….Just normal.

How does Region 5 compare to the other Regions out on the competition floor? what sets Region 5 apart?

Region 5 cheers the most, and we were the loudest. We all looked like we were having a lot of fun.tori5 copy

Who inspired you the most during your competition or day? What did they say to you? How did you get amped up and motivated to compete?

I had been to Nationals last year, and I did pretty good then. This year I wanted to do even better than last year, so that motivated me a lot. The other girls on my team had never been to Nationals before, so I tried to lighten the mood and get them amped up and motivated to do my best.

Check out Tory’s Videos Below


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