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20 Questions with JO National Qualifier Kiara Gianfagna (JPAC)

Our next 20 Questions Athlete is JO National Qualifier Kiara Gianfagna of Jaycie Phelps Athletic Center (JPAC). Kiara, who thanks to Jaycie I can now pronounce her last name correctly, is a strong all around athlete full of high energy and big skills. It was a joy to watch Kiara on the competition floor this season. What I love most about Kiara is her floor routine, she gets sky high on her tumbling passes, has unique music and composition. Kiara has a few more years left with us in Region 5, lets get to know Kiara a little bit better as she finishes up her summer training and heads into season to make a run at another JO Nationals Dream Team.


How did you get into gymnastics? How old were you? I was 18 months when I started started gymnastics and my parents are the ones who first got me involved in this sport.

What is your favorite event? My favorite event is vault because I can be as powerful as I want and I like the feeling I get when I am flipping/twisting through the air.

Favorite Skill to train/compete? My favorite skill to train or compete is a 1 ½ on vault.

Dream Skill? My dream skill is a pike full in on floor.

What is your favorite part of gymnastics? My favorite part of gymnastics is the feeling you get when you know you have nailed an amazing skill, routine, or meet and the closeness of my team.

What college do you plan on attending? I have not made a final decision at this point.

What is your favorite meet to compete at? Why? My favorite meet is the Jaycie Phelps Midwest show down because all the teams that compete there cheer on each other and the atmosphere is always energetic.

Biggest accomplishment in gymnastics so far? My biggest accomplishment is making it to level 10 nationals my first year level 10.

Who do you most admire in the sport of gymnastics? I admire all the learning curves and discipline it teaches us.

What is your favorite Region 5 Insider Feature or Series? My favorite Region Five Insider Feature is Making Moves Monday.

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What is your go to playlist or song before meets? My go to playlist is Country Radio on Pandora.

3 Things you could not live without? I couldn’t live without my dog, my bed, or my phone.

If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why? I would be a cat because you have no worries in the world, you can be lazy, and everyone takes care of you.

5 Most Important or Must have Items in your gym bag? Grips,Tape,Pre-wrap,A Friction Stick, and a water bottle

Do you have any pre-meet rituals or superstitions? I take a 15 to 30 minute nap and I listen to music

What do you like to do outside of Gymnastics? I like to watch Netflix and hang out with my friends and family

Most embarrassing meet moment or gymnastics moment? My most embarrassing meet moment was at my first level 10 meet and I feel on every tumbling pass on floor.

If you weren’t a gymnast, what sport would you do or try? I would try softball.

Which athletes (any sport) do you respect the most and why? I respect Bethany Hamilton because she got the biggest obstacle thrown at her that she could get and put her faith in God while also persevering and made her dreams happen.

What is the most valuable piece of advice or wisdom your coach has given you? The most valuable piece of advice I have gotten is to control my adrenaline and to do my skills like I have trained to do.

 Bonus Question: Tell me something interesting about yourself…….One of my weird quarks is that I love to clean and organize things.


Check out Kiara’s JO Nationals Gallery Below

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