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20 Questions with Future UIC Flame Rylie Johnstone (Midland Gymnastics)

Our next 20 Questions athlete is a senior from Midland Gymnastics Training Center in Midland Michigan. Rylie Johnstone, has been on the Level 10 scene for a few years now. She most recently signed her NLI to compete for the Lady Flames of UIC. Rylie, who is most known for her tremendous vault ability, has come along way on all events in the last few years upgrading on almost every event. Rylie has been featured on Region 5 Insider in the past for her unique vault even earning herself a 2017 Yahtzee Award Nomination for it. Rylie, who has yet to hit her peak in the sport of gymnastics, kicks her senior season off this weekend at the MEGA Magic Meet in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Lets get to know Rylie Johnstone a little better as she begins her final season not only with Region 5, but also with her long time club MGTC. Rylie is posed to make a statement this year, I cannot wait to see what this year holds for this young lady.

How did you get into gymnastics? How old were you? I flipped off the couch all the time so my parents put me in gymnastics so I wouldn’t get hurt. I started gymnastics when I was 2.  I have loved gymnastics ever since.

What is your favorite event? My favorite event is Vault. It feels cool to be able to block and twist off a stationary object.

What is your favorite skill to train/compete?  My favorite skill to train/compete: I like to train a full in on floor. I love flying through the air while flipping and twisting at the same time.

Dream skill? My dream skill would be a Double arabian on floor. I see people do them and think they look cool.

What is your favorite part of gymnastics? My favorite part of gymnastics is that I like the bond I have with my coaches and teammates. My
teammates are like sisters to me. We tell each other everything and help each other when someone needs it.

What College Do you plan on attending? I have signed a NLI to compete gymnastics for the University of Illinois at Chicago on a gymnastics scholarship.

What is your  Favorite meet to compete at? Circle of Stars in Indianapolis because you get to compete with gyms from across the country. Indianapolis is a fun town.

What is your Biggest accomplishment? Being a level 10 for 4 years and earning a college scholarship to continue the sport I love.

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Who do you most admire in the sport of gymnastics? I admire Ashton Locklear because she has good lines on bars. It is cool to watch her bar routine because it all flows together.

What is your  Favorite Region 5 Insider series? My favorite feature or series is All access because you get to see how other gyms practice and see the variety of techniques they have.

What is your Favorite song or go to playlist? My favorite is the music on my iphone. I love country music especially Blake Shelton.

If you were trapped on a Deserted island what would you bring? 1. My iphone because I could not live without it. I am on it all the time. 2. Wifi because I can’t use my phone without it! 3. A towel. I can use it to dry off after swimming and also use it as a blanket if I get cold.

If you could be any animal what Animal what you be and why? I would be a penguin. I love them! They get to slide on their stomachs across
the ice into the water to swim around.

Who is your Favorite superhero? My favorite superhero is Superman. He can do anything, save people, and he’s cute.

Do you have any Pre-meet rituals or superstitions?  I wear the same underclothes, use the same hair ties, wear my hair the same way, and put on my makeup the same way.

What d you like to donOutside of gymnastics? Outside of gym I like to listen to music, spend time with my friends, and go the movies and beach.

What is your Most embarrassing gym moment or meet moment? When I was 5 I was doing the splits and I peed on the floor.

If you didn’t do gymnastics what Other sport would you try? I would do is volleyball. I like to play it for recreation with friends.

Which Athletes (any sport) do you respect the most? Gymnasts of course! They are the strongest per pound athletes. They are in the gym all the time year round. They are great athletes!


What is the most valuable advice or wisdom you coach has ever given you? The most valuable advice my coach has ever given me would be Do your best and have fun!


Tell me something interesting about yourself…..Something interesting about me is that I am really shy until I know someone then I like to be loud and crazy.

Rylie’s vault from 2017 Cereal City Classic


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