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Through the Eyes of those Video Guys!!!

Meet season is coming up fast, many teams have already competed for the first time this season or have had their own mock meets and intra-squads. Meet season is personally my absolutely favorite time of year, it ranks right up there with Christmas. I live for competitions!! They are my life, my heart and my soul.

So, in honor of the fast approaching season, I wanted to share some fun photos from last season with you all. Being a social media fanatic, I document absolutely everything so it was certainly no surprise that I would come up with documenting my meet fun with my Michigan Partner in Crime David Yellen. Many of you know David as the “Camera Guy” or “No Name Gym” guy. However, he actually works for the judges, he helps provide film for the judges to learn and practice their craft of judging.

So here is the recap of the 2015-2016 Season, through the Eyes of those Camera Guys!


IMG_8345Level 7-10 State Meet

IMG_7547-1Chicago Style

IMG_8236-1Kalahari “Luau in Leos”

IMG_8148-1Hunts “Born to Fly” with a Rachel Dickson photo bomb

IMG_7821-1 MoTown Madness

IMG_7357 Athlete Warrior

IMG_7206 Oakland Classic

1610019_718628311610111_4743070545729972795_n Level 7-10 State Meet

img_9016Level 3-6 State Meet

img_8706 Level 9/10 Region 5 Championships

img_9331JO Nationals!! Jason filled in because I wasn’t there LOL


Look for more fun pictures from “Those Camera Guys” this coming season!!!



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