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2016 Aspire Classic Results Recap

A great start to the season at the 2016 Aspire Classic. Gymnasts debuted their new routines for the season, including some great releases on bars and difficult passes on floor. This was a perfect meet to enter this upcoming season with a Mardi Gras theme and a warm atmosphere. There was a lot of encouragement and sportsmanship seen all around, and the gymnasts were clearly excited to be back on the competition floor cheering on their teammates. It will be exciting to see what this season will bring for these talented and committed gymnasts, some of whom we will be seeing on the floor at JO Nationals. Here are the results from the two level 10 age groups

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1. Sierra Brooks, Aspire 9.75 Video

2. Haley Tyson, Phenom 9.625 Video

3. Kadyn Fitzgibbon, UGA 9.575 Video

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1. Sierra Brooks, Aspire 9.5 Video

2. Haley Tyson, Phenom 9.35 Video

3. Aubrey Nick, LGA 9.2

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1. Haley Tyson, Phenom 9.4 Video

2. Sierra Brooks, Aspire 9.35 Video

3. Kadyn Fitzgibbon, UGA 9.325 Video

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1. Sierra Brooks, Aspire 9.425 Video

2. Haley Tyson, Phenom 9.175 Video

3. Kadyn Fitzgibbon, UGA 9.125 Video




1. Sierra Brooks, Aspire 38.025

2. Haley Tyson, Phenom 37.55

3. Kadyn Fitzgibbon, UGA 36.925





1. Savannah Remkus, Rising Stars 9.55 Video

2. Samantha Gallet, BIG 9.45 Video

3. Korey Nickel, Team Oswego 9.2

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1.Savannah Remkus, Rising Stars 9.3 Video

2. Samantha Gallet, BIG 9.2 Video

3. Stephanie Pellegrino, BIG 9.0 Video

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1. Caitlin Satler, UGA 9.3 Video

2. Aliyah Welter, IPOWER 8.975 Video

3. Terra Baumgartner, IPOWER 8.8 Video

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1. Hanna Bergeson, UGA 9.3  Video

2. Lauren Volpe, LGA 9.15

3. Aliyah Welter, IPOWER 9.075 Video

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1. Savannah Remkus, Rising Stars 36.275

2. Samantha Gallet, BIG 35.475

3. Aliyah Welter, IPOWER 35.375



1. Aspire 110.025

2. LGA

3. UGA


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